An App to Take Over Your Workout

Saturday, November 21, 2015
An App to Take Over Your Workout

Today, life moves fast. We have become multi-tasking creatures that can’t seem to ever fit everything in… and then we magically expect to exercise, wind down, chill, and balance ourselves between family, friends, and work. Truth be told, if we don’t make an effort towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and an effective workout plan, we most likely won’t be able to keep up.  


Yes, there are plenty of daily challenges… but that’s no excuse to put physical fitness on the back burner. And a great part of our modern day world is that we CAN do it all, especially with the latest tech advancements. Maybe it’s time to take our workouts to the next level!?


Heading to the Internet for some fitness inspiration is surely nothing new. We have all clicked on a video or two with the hope of getting inspired to work out like the champs we want to be. Nowadays, things have become even easier, much easier. There are a number of fitness apps to help anyone out along the way with an enjoyable and interactive approach.


Good news: You can now train anytime, anywhere, with a fantastic app by Nike. It is called the N+TC App, and it is at the heart of the Nike Training Club, a global fitness community that exemplifies Nike’s vow to motivate female athletes on all levels.


This training app provides full-body training drills.  You can choose from several workouts in order to reach personal goals, whether that means toning up, getting stronger, or becoming leaner. With more than 135 workouts to choose from, there is literally a workout session for everyone.


And now more good news: You can attend an N+TC free gym class in the heart of Beirut! Every Tuesday at 5:30pm at Go by U Energy gym in Gemmayze, women are invited to attend a session inspired by the workouts included in the N+TC app and led by Nike trainers Diala el Khazen and Karine Zard Abou Jaoudeh. Registration for a place beforehand is necessary since there is a limited capacity.


So in the end, while we gripe about how fast-paced society has become, we can confirm that there are some perks to modern day technological advancements. Let’s make a pledge to put fitness first in our lives. We really can do it all with some patience, perseverance, and a few handy apps along the way.


Are you ready to take your workout to the next level?