Bring the Spa Experience into Your Humble Abode

Monday, July 01, 2013
Bring the Spa Experience into Your Humble Abode

The intoxicating scent of burning essence, the soothing sound of lounge music, cotton towels, crumbly scrubs, creamy facials, buttery dips, sparkling bubbly infusions, flamingo cocktail sticks, mini cocktail bites, and chocolate dipped strawberry lollipops … wow! Is there a party going on in here? You bet your sweet life there is, and you just walked into a bash that does not resemble any other. Dear reader, you are cordially invited to your very first in-home spa party. So come in, make yourself comfortable, and let the good times roll.  


Essentials You Cannot Party Without


A smart plan: Figure out what you need most: to relax with your hubby or throw a crazy bash. If you aim for the first, do not be afraid to heat things up. As for the second, it is best to only invite eight (or less) of your closest friends. Notify your guests at least a week in advance and get everything ready the day before.


A spa like setting: Create an authentic decor by adding a few clever touches to your furniture, like calming centerpieces (flats of wheat grass, minimalistic Japanese gardens, etc.), dimmed lighting, and magazines.


Spa products: Though you can buy them from body shops, it is better to display a few of your homemade bioorganic mixtures of which you derive all ingredients from the pantry, even essential oils. The secret is to add 1 drop of the aroma of choice for 9 drops of the carrier oil (olive, almond, avocado, or apricot oil).


Spa treatments: manicures/pedicures, facial masks/body scrubs, scalp/hair conditioning treatments, hand/shoulder massages, store-bought micro abrasion treatments, paraffin wax treatments, hot baths.


Snacks and entertainment: Choose healthy recipes (tuna and watermelon skewers, chilled soups, light sandwiches, crackers and dip, fresh fruit and veggies, yogurt, etc). Do not forget the popcorn for movies.


A Romantic Spa Night Just For Two


A sexy shave: Bundle your man in a snug robe and take off yours. Then, have him rest on a chair that supports the neck and sit on his lap. Do not get caught in the technique and stay in touch with your special client.


A toe curling massage: Have him lie on toasty blankets, moisten his body with pre-warmed lotions (almond oil, jojoba, jasmine, or ylang ylang…), and use kneading motions moving towards the heart, attending to the upper back, and stimulating a kinky erogenous zone with a foot massage. Work on each area for 15 minutes.


A 'make-him-melt' scrub: To make a steamy scrub in less than 5 minutes, combine ½ cup of sugar, 1/2 cup of bamboo powder, and 2 tablespoons of grated fresh ginger. The scrub should warm up when applied on the body in circular motions. For a steamier effect, slowly rub each other’s chest, arms, back, and thighs.


A mind-blowing tub: A hot bath infused with a milky bath concoction for bubbles that last helps relax muscle tension and arouse dormant desires. Throw in an extra festive feel by making use of leftover champagne combined with Epsom salt or warm honey. First, de-chill the bathroom and fill it with soy-based candles.


Spread the love: A home spa day is about extending the self-love you have for yourself to your partner.


Sharing Spa Fun in Good Company 


A theme: Attractive themes set the tone of the party from the start. You can go for a tropical, Victorian, or royal theme... for a Thai, Mexican, or Moroccan mood...or go for a bridal shower, baby shower, or birthday party theme.


A pedicure bar: To treat tired feet, mix ingredients like cornmeal, coconut milk, salt, olive oil, rosemary sprigs, and honey in a bowl filled with hot water. After rinsing, offer an invigorating leg rub and nail polish application.


A manicure bar: Before a manicure, give your guests the chance to have softer hands. Mix a few spoonfuls of cold cream, 2 drops of tea tree oil, 5 drops of lavender oil, a spoonful of olive oil, and a banana (for a fruity smell). Apply on hands, coat with gloves, and place them under a heating pad for maximum effect.  


A facial bar: Put out a tray of the healthiest ingredients such as yogurt, honey, lemon juice, avocado, oatmeal, banana, and strawberries. Let your friends experiment freely and blend the most bizarre masks. 


A parting gift: It can be many splendid things: facials/scrubs your guests have prepared, group photos you have taken, spa items in tulle, cleansing salts in jars, trial-size beauty products, perfume samples, a relaxation CD, scented candles, etc. You pampered them all day; why not send them off with a bigger bang?


A wisely planned and well executed 'do-it-yourself' home spa party can be a blast. The best part about it is that whether you plan a passionate wedding anniversary night at-home spa experience or an indoor cozy hangout with friends, you will be taking care of yourself. The at-home treatments you choose are to be enjoyed and not rushed. First things first, you will need to make time, find inspiration, and go with the flow. The fact that you will be personally involved in the event will make everything even more exciting.