Tips for a Time saving Workout

Saturday, November 28, 2015
Tips for a Time Saving Workout

You know you have to jot in that workout on your agenda… yet you have so many other tasks to accomplish. Follow these tips to manage it all with ease!


1. Maneuver your weekly workouts and jot them in on your agenda! If you know you’re going to have a busy and hectic week, take advantage of a free day to have an amazing workout with a longer strength training routine. Or why not take that class you've been thinking about? If you plan ahead, you'll know how and what you should spend your time on.


2. Perform fewer repetitions. This isn’t about taking the easy way out; instead of doing too many reps, try increasing the weight of your dumbbells to save some time. Studies have found that lifting heavier weights for fewer reps doesn't, as many people think, increase the bulkiness of your muscles.


3. Take a shorter class that burns more calories. If you are on a calorie burning mission, skip the long yoga class and try another class that burns calories in a shorter amount of time. Whatever your choice - spinning, Tae Bo, or body power - get your butt moving!


4. Go for high intensity interval training. Not only does interval training help you burn more calories pre-workout and post-workout, it also increases both your speed and your endurance. Your time is valuable, use it wisely!