Diabetes Connecting Nurses

Friday, November 27, 2015
Diabetes Connecting Nurses

On the back of the World Diabetes Day, the Order of Nurses in Lebanon in partnership with Sanofi, announced the launch of ‘Diabetes Connecting Nurses’ an educational and interactive online platform to provide nurses with certified trainings on diabetes management. The forum will facilitate the sharing of knowledge while enabling nurses to connect with each other and learn from best practices, latest research, and shared experiences. 140 Lebanese nurses will be enrolled from both public and private hospitals.


The platform’s successful introduction in Lebanon was previously initiated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Gulf countries, Pakistan, Algeria, and South Africa. In addition to the certification program, the online platform will provide nurses with an opportunity to be part of an international online community where they can share their experience with other nurses, exchange ideas and experiences, as well as gain access to the latest information on diabetes management.


Underlining the results of The International Diabetes Mellitus Practice Study (IDMPS), Dr. Akram Echtay, Head of Diabetes Program in Lebanon, said: “The prevalence of DM nowadays is very high: 387M diabetics worldwide and is expected to be around 600M in the next 20 years. According to the IDMPS, 87.2% of the Lebanese population had a FBG>100mg/dl, 63.9% had an HbA1c>7%, 85.2% had at least 1 incidence of micro vascular complication, and 41.4% had at least 1 incidence of macro vascular complication.”


Dr. Echtay added, “As a result, patient education is essential for better control of DM to reduce the risk of complications related to the disease, further, the Diabetes Nurse Educator will play a major role in supporting patient education and awareness.”


Dr. Nuhad Doumit, the President of Lebanese Order of Nurses, stressed on the importance of continuous education: “A nurse often plays a key role as the coordinator between doctors and patients. While providing them with knowledge and support, they also respond to patients’ queries and concerns where the doctor may not always be available. However, we have noticed the need for specialized training to enhance the experience and knowledge which can help nurses in providing excellent patient care. The Diabetes Connecting Nurses platform is our effort to plug this need and meet the increasing demands for specialized nurses in the field of diabetes management.”


“Patients are our number one priority,” said Dr. Marie-Thérèse Sawaya, Head of Sanofi Diabetes Business Unit. “We strongly value the role of the healthcare professionals in improving patients’ lives and we strive to undertake measures to help them provide the best care. We believe that the ‘Diabetes Connecting Nurses’ platform will play a prominent role in empowering nurses to provide the educational support for patients and help them manage their life with diabetes.”