5 Foods to Eat for Younger Looking Skin

Monday, September 19, 2016
5 Foods to Eat for Younger Looking Skin

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the youngest of them all? To escape the sad truth, you don’t need to re-consider your creams, toss away your concealer, or do a complete makeover. Instead, you have two options to find your way out: either trade your mirror for a less honest one... or read along as we uncover the X-factor to drop a decade in no time! If I were you, I would pin my eyes to this article and get myself ready to win the challenge of keeping the same mirror and bearing the consequences with full confidence!


Fight wrinkles with broccoli

Broccoli is loaded with anti-wrinkle nutrients, such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, and co-enzyme Q10. So make sure it is part of your diet. Steam it and add to salads or omelets, or even better, dip it in low fat cooking cream and then sprinkle some low fat cheese on it before you dump it into the oven. Bonus! In addition to its anti-aging properties, broccoli helps prevent cancer, fights depression, enhances immunity, stabilizes blood pressure, and is heart-friendly.


Turn back time with sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes can give you a healthy dose of vitamin A, that same vitamin found in anti-aging creams under the name retinol. In addition, sweet potatoes help promote the production of hyaluronic acid which keeps your skin smooth and supple. Let’s add some innovation to your cooking with this recipe: Oven bake sweet potatoes for about an hour. Allow to cool. In a small bowl, whisk together orange juice, orange zest, brown sugar, salt, cinnamon, and chili powder. Scoop the inside of the potatoes and pour over them the mixture just prepared. Mash well and serve. Bonus! There are 4 more reasons to eat sweet potatoes: they help you to de-stress, enhance immunity, regulate your heartbeat, and prevent heart attacks.


Silken your skin with avocado

Being rich in healthy fats as well as vitamins A and C, avocados hold the weapon to beat aging by moisturizing skin and nourishing it. Cut an avocado in half, fill with baby shrimps and light cocktail sauce, or mash it with onions and tomatoes to get a guacamole dip. Don’t overdo it though as half an avocado has 180 calories.  Bored with the same old recipes? Here’s a routine breaker: Stir 250g of light cream cheese with chives. Add to them 2 tsp of lemon juice and ½ ripe avocado. Mash the mix and spread it generously on whole wheat toast. Add smoked salmon to toast and add some capers. Bonus! Avocados and your heart make the best of friends, thanks to its richness in good fats that increase HDL (the good cholesterol) and lower LDL (the bad cholesterol).


Beat aging with eggs

For ladies concerned about those stubborn wrinkles, search for the remedy inside your fridge. Eggs are a good source of 3 kinds of amino acids, as well as iron, vitamins A and E, and the mineral selenium that helps in the production of collagen and elastin which improve the texture of your skin. Poached, boiled, or fried? There’s more to eggs than just these! Heat oil; cook onions, mushrooms, and oregano for around 5 minutes. Add spinach, grated carrots, and zucchini; cover the skillet and cook. Add eggs that have been whisked with low fat milk, along with crumbled feta cheese. Stir gently to combine. Top with tomatoes and cook for 10 minutes. Broil for 3 to 5 minutes. Bonus! Skip the nail treatment, as biotin in eggs can help promote nail health.


Conquer aging skin with blueberries

Let’s give a warm welcome to nutrition’s idol – blueberries! Being rich in antioxidants and vitamins E and C, blueberries can fight the free radicals that cause wrinkles and thus help maintain elasticity of the skin. Launch your day with a blueberry smoothie and let the flattering begin! Combine ¾ cup of apple juice with ½ cup of plain low fat yogurt. Add 1 roughly chopped banana and 170g of blueberries and blend all ingredients together. Bonus! You will definitely reap the benefits of blueberries when you go blank on a name or face, as it is considered a memory booster.