Fit Is Not a Destination It Is a Way of Life

Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Roadster diner’s New ALL FIT® Menu Will Get You There
Fit Is Not a Destination… It Is a Way of Life!

Life is beautiful…. It’s also fast-paced, dynamic, and challenging. And with the endless tasks we all want to undertake daily, we surely know how valuable our time truly is. Nevertheless, leading a healthy and well balanced lifestyle must be a part of our regular agenda.


Along with our crazy lifestyles comes great knowledge too. Most of us have learned that being FIT is not a destination more than ever before, but rather a way of LIFE. Eating healthy food and keeping our bodies in shape with regular bouts of exercise should be a no-brainer. Do so simply makes us happy, vibrant, stronger, and disease free. It’s all good!


However, many still hold on to a certain misconception; many believe that eating healthy food is all about dieting… which is definitely not the case. You can consume healthy food in reasonable portions without having to sacrifice anything at all. It’s all about balance in the end, as is life.


You may be thinking to yourself…”Easier said than done, but what about when eating out with friends? Isn’t that when most of us fall off of the health wagon?”


For many people, yes, this often the case. But what if I told you that someone has your back covered?


Roadster diner is taking a healthy and positive leap in the restaurant industry by introducing their ALL FIT® menu. This menu is a welcome addition to their existing regular menu. No… it’s not a low-cal menu for the avid dieters out there… it’s a healthy menu for those who are committed to treating their bodies right! To try it is to love it!


So now you know where you can head out to with your friends for a bite to eat without the guilt… but remember, it’s all about balance. Because sometimes you just have to dig into their amazing chicken wings too!!


5 Awesome Facts About Roadster diner’s new ALL FIT® menu:


1.  ALL FIT® menu has been developed to provide healthier options that have high nutritional value (super foods like chia seeds, goji berries, etc.) for people who already lead fit lifestyles, and for people who wish to do so but need a little boost to get started.


2. The ALL-FIT menu preaches a lifestyle based on the right choice of food balanced with fun and movement. The difference between the ALL FIT® Menu and other light menus is that it is not just targeted at people who want to lose weight; ALL FIT® is for people who don’t just count calories but who want high nutritional value also.


3. The ALL FIT® menu is part of an integrated lifestyle program, which reflects Roadster diner’s passion to take its customer’s food experience to the next level by extending, varying, and re-shaping its menu offerings to fit all tastes and lifestyles.


4. The ALL FIT® menu has been created in partnership with Le Gabarit, a pioneer in the healthy food service market. Le Gabarit is known for its commitment, especially through its team of highly qualified health experts, to spread the passion for serving healthy eating all over the world. 


5. The ALL FIT® menu contains a wide variety of choices and superfoods, including appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, platters, and sugar-free deserts. The Appetite-Boosters, Heart-Filling Salads, Veggie Burgers, Knock-out Platters, Power Sandwiches, Flavored Sides, and D-Light-Full Desserts make the ALL FIT® menu a superfood extravaganza and an absolute delight.



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