A Fitness Guru’s Hot and Healthy Tips for Couples

Thursday, February 11, 2016
Rania Gamal Shares 3 Tips for a Sweet'n Sexy Celebration
A Fitness Guru’s Hot and Healthy Tips for Couples

Dubai-based fitness guru, model, and TV presenter Rania Gamal reveals some healthy secrets to stay sexy and fit before, on, and after Valentine's Day. 



Every woman wants to be pampered with flowers and gifts, especially on Valentine's Day… and of course most will call their girlfriends after the holiday to talk about how ‘joyful’ or ‘sorrowful’ Valentine’s Day was. However, women today are more conscious about their figures. So to all the men out there, instead of giving milky chocolates as a gift, offer dark chocolates covered in a creative box instead.


You should think about your partner’s future… and how such monosaccharides and calories could affect their lifestyle and their health. It might be an excuse for a day of indulgence, but the main problem is when it becomes a routine. Dark chocolate, on the other hand, can offer powerful antioxidants, lower blood pressure, improve blood flow, and lower the risk of heart disease. And remember, it contains ‘phenylethylamine,’ also known as the ‘love chemical,’ which is also a good aphrodisiac for a happier married life. You can also include a love letter inside the chocolate box… or even a self-made poem, if you can, to level it up. 




For women, a romantic dinner is probably the most common way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but we need to move on from the cliché of doing it exclusively at a fancy restaurant. Aside from the relief of fighting over a booking or the headache of spending a fortune over some 3-course meal filled with chemicals, calories, and excessive carbohydrates, try preparing a candlelight dinner for two at home and watch some YouTube videos on how to prepare a romantic table setting. Your partner will surely appreciate your effort.


If you have the money to splurge, or if you still prefer to do it outside, then it is definitely fine… but be sure to opt for a healthy meal such as carrots and celery with spinach dip, white bean dip, black bean, hummus, miso soup, or avocado smash which are all yummy for starters and appetizers. For the main course, never order fried food; always opt for steamed or roasted meat, and for dessert, try to avoid sugary and flour based options. For example, go for low-fat yogurt topped with fresh berries or grilled pineapple and banana chunks with cinnamon and walnuts. Also, don't just focus on the food! Be sure to talk about what made you fall in love with your partner in the first place!




For couples… if you are a gym buff and she is obsessed with white chocolate… or if you are a fair, vain lady when it comes to fitness and he loves to be a couch potato — it is now time for a big change! You should definitely encourage your partner and work out together as a couple. There are many work outs that you can do as a couple, and it does not necessarily mean that you have to go on a PDA (public display of affection) at the gym.


You can start by running together at 6 am in the morning. Even though the sun can be very hot in UAE, 6 am usually offers a cooler breeze (and the sun is great for you as well as it is a source of Vitamin D). You can also head on the treadmill together for a warm up. Afterwards, you can hold each other’s feet and perform sit ups. If you are both members of a gym, then you can do squat ball pass, crunch ball throw, push up clap hand, Swiss ball bend over raises, and burpee box jump together. You can also do bicycling, swimming, and even just go for a walk at night while talking about your day. Make it a habit and you will enjoy a happy and healthy love life together.