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Wednesday, December 07, 2016
Can you trust a cheater ever again?
Can you trust a cheater ever again?

Once a cheater...always a cheater! That's what we all used to say and think. While getting cheated on can be devastating, it doesn't necessarily mean that your relationship needs to come to an end, according to many experts. Needless to say, it does depend on the type of person your sweetheart is... and what led him or her to cheat.


Plain and simple: fidelity is not always easy. However there are numerous reasons behind the cheating ways of many. Some individuals cheat due to sexual boredom....while others cheat because they are depressed, are infatuated with another, or are in some kind of denial. Then there are those who were simply born to cheat.


Ask yourself the following questions to figure out if your mate is a keeper:


1. Was the fling admitted or did they get caught in the act?

If your lover admits and confesses about their infidelity, it is a positive sign and proves they must feel regret. If they got caught and admit the truth – that also indicates remorse. However, if you caught them and they continue to deny it, you are in trouble.


2. Does your love have a history of cheating on others?
If this is the case...chances are you are going to recognize a pattern. Monogamy may be the last thing on their mind. They cannot change; you either accept an open kind of relationship or forget it.


3. Is your lover willing to work on themselves?
Your relationship may have a chance if your lover understands what life events led to the cheating (poor boundaries, low self esteem, feeling distance within the relationship, etc.) and wants to work on the issues at hand.

Can wearing socks encourage a better orgasm?
Can wearing socks encourage a better orgasm?
While socks and sandals remain a huge no-no... it seems socks in bed during sex is an enormous yes-yes!!!!!! A study out of the UK found that 80% of couples who wore socks during sexual intercourse were able to reach orgasm - compared to 50% who were barefoot. So forget your cold feet and rely on your snuggly socks to reach new sexual heights.
Can you break your man's penis?
Can you break your man's penis?
No need to cry over spilled milk... but a broken penis? That's a whole other story!! So here it is in black and white: you can break a penis... considering it is wood hard at the time of breakage. While an erect penis does not contain actual bones, it does hold within tubes that fill with blood during its hard phase. The concern comes with the rupturing of the lining of these tubes as a result of trauma or unexpected bending. A broken penis usually involves a breaking sound in addition to bruising. A doctor must inspect it right away. The complications that can arise from this painful situation include erectile issues. While penile fractures are not too common... you should thrust with care. Don't make any quick or unexpected move while on top of your partner...it could be detrimental.
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