The Erotic Smudge Trend

Tuesday, March 01, 2016
The Erotic Smudge Trend

It is absolutely true that men are more drawn to women with mild, natural looking makeup. But when a masculine soul aches for a bolt of electric shock, only a smudged makeup trend will do. Yes, it is fierce breaking the norms of subtlety, but it rocks! Now beware, my dear Romeos, this article is not for the faint-hearted.


Smoky eyes

Bigger eyes equal greater charms, but when those pearls are dusted with kohl, their hazy smog is simply bewitching. The dark-hued spattering reminds the male mind of Greek goddesses and Amazon warriors. While the Amazons were fighting valiantly in the Trojan War and Anatolia raids, ‘Ate,’ the personification of Infatuation, was casting upon passionate humans spells of rash foolishness, blind impulsiveness, and guilt-free temptations. Imagine how those smoky sparrows fused with her whimsical aura to spread lust!


Clumpy lashes

Not only does it make the eyelids look fuller, the smudged mascara trend also makes dacryphiles happy worldwide. To these fetishists, seeing mascara drop as women tear up, sob, or display watery emotions intensifies the sexual pleasure. Their ultimate arousal would reside in messing up a bare, freckly, brightly-dewed face with dramatically darkened lashes. To get high, they might push lovers to their limits, cause real discomfort, start a power play… or do just about anything!


Smeared lipstick

Gradient lips give a youthful, innocent look. But when the lighter tint escapes the crimson-shaded inner lips, the blurred focus spurs the naughtiest daydreams… phantasms of sneaky quickies, erotic licking, and gaudy oral sex. It is true that perfectly lined, ultra-matte, very clean lipsticks evoke social sophistication, but what if men feel like playing Russian roulette? How raunchy is it for them to submerse themselves in sensationally sticky lipsticks that pay no heed to the lip line, just like he won’t to her wish to take it slow!


Shambolic nail art

Fingernail fetishists have been enjoying the sight of long, narrow, clumsy-looking but well-executed nail polish for a while now. But the invention and recent release of the organic and edible Kid Licks can make everything a whole lot kinkier. Though it caters to pregnant women and toddlers only, no one can stop a frisky couple from experimenting with it for “ulterior” motives (i.e. finger licking, body painting, wet and messy fetish…). Women can go as far as jabbing body parts and pricking the skin. After all, it’s toxin-free!


With or without the Goth factor, some men find smudged makeup altogether extremely erotic because the casually slept-in look gives women an air of after-sex glow. For the ultimate and wilder sensation, it is best to wear glossy strands and bed head waves. Who knew that smudgy would turn out to be so hot?


Products to try:


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Nivea Face Care Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover: Perfect for hard to remove make-up such as khols.

Diorshow Mascara: An extremely black mascara for extra drama.

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