Nail It This Summer With Polka Dots

Friday, May 06, 2016
Look Summer 2016: Milky Dots
Nail It This Summer With Polka Dots

Taste the pleasure of a milky pink like a summer smoothie, let yourself go to the vibrations of a fiery bronze, give in to the temptation of a blue as deep as the Mediterranean… and enjoy a confetti-like manicure that explores the contrast between pink and lavender as a prelude to the summer season.


Polka dots to the tips of the nails


Want to bring out polka dots to enliven the fingertips? The Dior Vernis and Dotting Tool mini duos – the objects of desire in this summer collection – put a charming twist on the standard manicure.


First, apply a coat of polish. Second, dip the Dotting Tool into the second polish in the set. Third, create polka dots of any size to jazz up your polish and assert your individuality.


The colour combos created by Peter Philips aim for bold contrasts between a cherry and melon in Confettis, an azure blue and a nude beige in Pastilles, or an azalea pink and lavender in Plumetis.


Polka Dots

Kit manucure couleur & pois

Colour & dots manicure kit


001 Pastilles

002 Confettis

003 Plumetis