Sunday, May 22, 2016

Stradivarius conveys us to the summer holidays in its new campaign, a retreat to a warm and eclectic ambience to illustrate the Spring/Summer 2016 trends.


The campaign, photographed by Bèla Adler and Salvador Fresneda brings us closer to a summer trip in which the days are long and relaxing, and the light infuses the space in an undisturbed and delicate way.


The colours that prevail are shades of pink and sky blue, together with indigo and white, without forgetting denim, which is always to be found in the collections of Stradivarius.



The following can be seen among the trends that will be prominent:




With the inspiration found in all that is feminine and glamorous, without leaving behind a romantic flair and including a touch of retro. Pleats, frills, bare shoulders and lingerie are all distinctive as essentials of this trend.


Floral prints in diverse sizes and colours impart personality and optimism to the most spring like looks, which are just perfect when complemented with XXL earrings.


Footwear is full of pastel colours, mixed up with metallic and jewels.


The 90s


The nineties are again gate-crashing the wardrobe, this time with mom fit jeans as the key item of the season. Trousers and tops make a comeback in their “cropped” and frayed version, and basic white t-shirts become the best possible ally when playing around with the layering of garments. The bomber jacket is the season’s article, and its oversized embroidered version will not leave anyone indifferent.


The perfect accessories for these looks are the patches and pins that allow to create unique and personalized statements, along with bandanas and chokers. Sandals with chains, eyelets, buckles and a sport touch are a must.


Colourful stripes


A multitude of colourful stripes take over the Spring/Summer 2016 Collection, fleeing from the classic sailor version. The track suit busts through with force and garments with knots take over to give outfits that edgy touch.


Footwear with wooden soles and vivid colours, is the key to complete this outfits.



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