Oh Man, Take Care of Your Skin!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Oh Man, Take Care of Your Skin!
Oh Man, Take Care of Your Skin!

Just because you think you are all macho’n stuff, doesn’t mean you should shy away from taking care of your skin. From shaving with care, to moisturizing effectively, a man shouldn’t hesitate about getting on the beauty train.


While men’s skin tends to be thicker, and is definitely more durable than a woman’s skin, this doesn’t mean it should be neglected.


Here are some manly tips to take care of your gorgeous face:

1. Opt for a simple facial cleanser that will not dry out your face. Pay attention to how your face feels post cleansing. Does it feel tight and dry? Opt for a cleanser that will not strip the natural oils from your skin.


2. If you have issues with blemishes, do something proactive about it. You can opt for a moisturizer that contains salicylic acid, which will help remove dead skin, or you can purchase an over the counter acne treatment from your local pharmacy.


3. Pamper yourself! Book a facial at a spa once a month (or at least once a year!) and have your face deeply cleansed and nourished. You deserve it don’t you?


4. If you have any unusual discoloration or raised bumps that have you concerned, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with your dermatologist. Why should you let things slide?


5. Find a daily face cream that you love and stick with it! Try a few before you choose! There are several brands on the market geared especially for men that will smell macho and do you good!


Product pick:

Shiseido Men’s Skin Empowering Cream

A hectic travel schedule, climate change, and active social life tend to leave an impact on a man’s face. During these times, a man’s skin needs special attention to counteract all the damage caused by environmental factors. One of the brands latest additions to its Anti-fatigue range, the Shiseido Men’s Skin Empowering Cream is a powerful skin revitalizer that immediately provides vitality and visible smoothness to the skin. Day by day, the skin becomes energized and more resistant against the visible signs of fatigue and aging with regular use. The cream keeps the skin hydrated for 24 hours, visibly improving the skin’s texture, smoothing away rough areas while minimizing the appearance of conspicuous pores for renewed and healthy-looking skin. It’s ultra-smooth and refreshingly light texture quickly blends into skin without a hint of stickiness making it ideal for all seasons. 


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