The Excalibur Spider

Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Charismatic variations on an inspirational theme
The Excalibur Spider
The Excalibur Spider

For the many watch lovers who have become keen fans of the Excalibur Spider collection since its launch in 2015, Manufacture Roger Dubuis introduces two dynamic new interpretations of a horological success story drawing upon multiple sources of inspiration.


Acknowledged as the pioneer of contemporary skeleton calibres, as well as a specialist

in architectural and technical mechanics, Roger Dubuis proudly showcases both these

claims to fame in distinctively colourful new versions of the Excalibur Spider Skeleton Flying Tourbillon – a standout model epitomizing a recent and entirely novel take on its

iconic Excalibur collection.


Stellar skeleton-work sophistication meets arachnid-inspired intricacy Skeleton-work motifs, with their geometrical complexity and powerful symbolism, are a recurrent theme in nature that is picked up in the watchmaking world by paring down components to essentials while maintaining their functionality and enhancing their aesthetic appeal.


The Roger Dubuis Astral Skeleton approach is based on an exclusive multi-level, star-shaped construction reminiscent of modern cityscapes, while enhancing the clarity of the

dials through its star tips pointing directly to hour-markers. The extreme maturity achieved by the Manufacture in this field has enabled it to drive this expertise beyond the movement alone and apply it to whole new areas of the watch: the case, flange and hands.


The resulting Spider collection is a decidedly contemporary interpretation of horological traditions. Commenting on this choice of name, Product Strategy Director Gregory Bruttin highlights the parallels between the Manufacture and “the patient, meticulous and inventive nature of the work done by this resourceful arachnid as it daily spins its web in ever more novel and intricate patterns, reinventing its craft and constantly adapting it to new situations”.


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