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Thursday, November 07, 2013
Turning Fitness Into Fine Art - Interview with owner and popular sports trainer - Amine Dib
Photographer : Sayde Jabra
Amine is dressed by Puma
Photographer : Sayde Jabra
Amine is dressed by Puma
Photographer : Sayde Jabra
Amine is dressed by Puma
Photographer : Sayde Jabra
Amine is dressed by Puma
Photographer : Sayde Jabra
Amine is dressed by Puma

The heat is on...

It's innovative, modern, all-inclusive,  and spanking brand new...Heat Fitness - House of Energy & Training - has finally opened its doors to the public. A dream come true for renowned fitness trainer Amine Dib, and in collaboration with his partner Michel Rahme, this new gym is ready to tackle the needs of exercisers and fitness fanatics everywhere. From amateurs to big time body building enthusiasts, this is the place to work out, train, and discover your personal best every single day of the week. With an assortment of pioneering group classes, state-of-the art equipment, top of the line certified personal trainers, and an assortment of tools and gadgets to exercise with, your exercise plan will be far from ordinary.

Amine introduced the Fit'n Style team to his newly opened facility, explaining the entire concept behind Heat Fitness, and raving about all that it has to offer...

Let's initially talk about what the name HEAT stands for.

HEAT stands for House of Energy And Training. It is a unique concept that has been simmering in my head for a long time now. My dream has always been to establish a fitness facility into which I could pour all my expertise and passion into. HEAT Fitness encapsulates everything that I know and everything I believe in. We wanted to create a  place where people could effectively transform their bodies and their lives. Simply put, HEAT Fitness is the embodiment of my heart and soul. My fans and clients have been asking for something like this for a very long time.

How did you bring this unique concept to life?

To bring the unique concept of HEAT Fitness to life, I joined forces with my long time friend and business associate, Michel Rahme. Michel comes from a solid business background and has always been a firm believer in leading a healthy and fit lifestyle. By teaming up, we have secured the realization of a fitness concept like no other.


What makes HEAT Fitness truly stand out among the rest?

We bring together all the necessary elements at HEAT Fitness to create a superb gym experience. With state-of-the-art equipment and fantastically decorated facilities, it truly is in a class of its own. One main aspect that sets it apart from the rest is my genuine desire and the capability to lead people towards fulfilling their fullest physical and psychological potential. This is what HEAT Fitness is truly all about. It encompasses a lifestyle, a place to discover the best that you can be. It is open 7 days a week - weekdays from 6pm to 11pm and weekends from 8am to 8pm.

What goal did you set out for yourself?

I have been in the fitness domain for over twenty years now...and with my international accreditation, I have been teaching, training, inspiring, and leading individuals from all facets of society. From well known faces to average citizens, I have been training people with a passion for some time now. I have always strived to engage and motivate others to the max - just like on my television segment on MTV - hopefully enticing them to be energetic, while avoiding the "monkey see, monkey do" approach. Fitness is all about motivation after all!

Your launching event for HEAT Fitness was a great success! Tell us about the experience.

It was fantastic event which gathered famous faces from the media, Facebook followers, friends, family, fitness enthusiasts, etc. My friends from MTV were a huge support of the entire venture and I would truly like to thank everyone for their enthusiasm, friendship, and astounding support. It was an event to never forget.

The energetic and motivational feeling of the surroundings in HEAT Fitness is palpble! How did you bring together so many elements to create such a welcoming space?

HEAT Fitness was created and set up to meet the needs of anyone and everyone. As mentioned earlier, from the amateur to the hard core body builder, all members can find their niche here with top of the line equipment and tools to fulfill all of their workout needs, without getting bored and always staying stimulated.

What types of group fitness classes do you offer?

We offer a variety of classes such as Belly Fit, Spin Club, Street Dance, UBOUND, RCR-Red Carpet Resolution, Swing Yoga, Zumba, Amine's Kick Butt, and POWER. Spin Club is an exciting and very new concept in Spinning; these classes take place in the evening and includes a light show and an exciting smoke effect that creates a completely unique experience. Not only does the ambiance create a new sense of motivation, but it makes clients feel that they are exercising and enjoying their time all at once.



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