Are you in touch with your feminine side?

Friday, April 08, 2016
Are You In Touch With Your Feminine Side?

Every single person has both a masculine and a feminine side. This basic polarization is a part of you whether you are a man or a woman. Effectively, masculinity originates from a place of power where strength is at the top end of the scale. On the contrary, femininity comes from goodness. The earth and Mother Nature has female aspects. To get in contact with the earth, it means getting in touch with the feminine side of an individual; it is not specifically about gender itself


You can develop the goodness of the feminine side by having deep confidence in the value of the life of others, and you can develop the strength of the masculine side by having a deep belief in the value of your own life. How developed one side is compared to the other identifies the balance between the feminine and masculine sides.  This sense of balance not only decides upon how you treat others in relation to yourself, but also what kinds of emotions you feel stronger


The male aspect is mainly based on a value you place on yourself, while the female aspect is based, at the same deep level, on a value that you place on others


Why is it important for guys to connect with their feminine side? Well, the value you place on people shapes your whole being. If you have a well-built feminine side and put a high value on others, you are mostly thoughtful, unselfish, and giving. You know what is good for others and you are likely to help them succeed in life. People will feel more comfortable being around you since they won’t find any egoism or selfishness in you


So here you notice that having a feminine side doesn’t always mean doing feminine chores or girly things. It is much more than that; it is more about the inner self


Take this test to find out if you are in touch with your feminine self


1. Do you accept the fact that you have a feminine side?

A. Yes.

B. No.


2. What do you usually focus on when communication with people?

A. Listen more, talk less.

B. Talk more, listen less.


3. Pick one that best describes you:

A. You value yourself and others.

B. You just value yourself.


4. When a friend needs some emotional support, do you jump in?

A. Absolutely!

B. Of course not.


5. How often do you have tears in your eyes?

A. Sometimes.

B. Never.


6. Which phrase do you believe in?

A. “Debate is masculine, conversation is feminine.” – Amos Bronson Alcott

B. “I hate men who are in touch with their feminine side.”- David Bailey



Mostly As: You have a strong feminine side – You usually behave in ways that are considered feminine in nature. You are compassionate, patient, and responsive to the needs of others. You also know how much to invest without hurting yourself by draining your own energy



Mostly Bs: You have a weak feminine side – You put a low value on others and you are usually not a giving person. You are isolated, as you don’t want to share yourself or anything that you have. You don’t take responsibility for yourself, and you blame others for your problem

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