When Food Defines Your Sex Life

Friday, June 24, 2016
When Food Defines Your Sex Life

Are you looking to put some sizzle back into your sex life? Are you bored of using candles and a romantic song to do so?  Then maybe it’s about time you fill your plate with the right types of food. Yes, you read that correctly! Growing evidence suggests certain food components do play an important role in enhancing your sexual function and experience.


Regularly indulging in unhealthy foods may impact your sex life negatively. Not only does it lead to weight gain and affect your self-image, but it may interrupt your blood flow, which is required by the body to become sexually aroused.


It is up to YOU to adopt healthy eating habits. This doesn’t only make you look sexier, but it makes you feel sexier as well. Here are some tips and healthy food choices packed with nutrients that can enhance not only your sexual life, but your overall health:


Include a variety of meat in your diet. It has been shown that meat, such as chicken and beef, contains amino acids known as carnitine and L–arginine, which help in improving blood flow in both men and women. Uninterrupted blood flow is crucial for the engorgement of tissues for sexual response. Zinc, an essential mineral found in meat, helps improve immunity and enhance sexual performance.


Fruits and vegetables should definitely be part of your diet as they’re high in antioxidants, which increase the body’s ability to control stress. This is required for one’s sex drive because as stress decreases, sexual pleasure increases.


Oysters are also an excellent source of zinc. It contains a compound that increases the production of testosterone and estrogen. This helps boost sexual desire in many cases. Crab, lobsters, and scallops are other examples also loaded with zinc.


Salmon contains omega–3 fatty acids, which are vital to prevent the buildup of plaques in your arteries, thus further improving blood flow.


Nuts (cashews and almonds) and seeds (flax/pumpkin/sunflower seeds) have been shown to reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men and increase the production of healthy ova and sperm due to its high selenium content. Almonds, for example, are nutrient–dense and rich in zinc, selenium, and vitamin E. Those trace elements help enhance sexual desire, sexual health, and overall reproduction.


Dark chocolate is considered to be a super libido food partly because it’s rich in a compound known as phenylethylamine. Phenylethylamine is sometimes referred to as the “love supplement” and can release the production of dopamine, a compound which enhances the feelings of joy, well- being, and pleasure. Dark chocolate also contains antioxidants, which can help increase blood flow, elevate your mood, and act as an energy booster.


It’s pretty simple. It’s all about saying NO to low quality foods that are high in sugars and fat. That said, remember that it’s not only about fueling your body with single healthy food choices, but about eating the right combination of foods that will help put you on the right path to a better sexual drive. Once you feel better about what you feed your body, you’ll feel better sexually.


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