Summer Nails Take on a New Shape

Friday, July 08, 2016
Summer Nails Take on a New Shape
Summer Nails Take on a New Shape
Summer Nails Take on a New Shape
Summer Nails Take on a New Shape
Summer Nails Take on a New Shape

Ah, the trends of summer time; a time to kick back and relax on the beach while flaunting your beautiful manicure to the world.  If you think that simply choosing the right color is your only beauty responsibility, you need to brush up on your beautifying ways! You need to consider another important factor: which nail shape should you opt for and which one is hot right now? Here are some tips to head you in the right direction:


The 3 hottest nail trends of the summer…


1. Sexy Stilettos:  Once you manage to get your nails to a suitable length, consider going for this hot and sexy trend.  Sexy stiletto nails have been the rage so far this year on the red carpet. From Kim Kardashian to Rihanna, celebrities have taken on this nail trend big time. Tip: Opt  for a color that is as bold as the trend is and pick a brand that will last for days on end… topping it all off with a super shine topcoat with long wearing power.


2. Stylishly Short: Big doesn’t always mean better… and long doesn’t always mean better either! Short and straight cut nails are still ranked up there on the beauty charts. However, keeping them stylish takes a bit of know-how! Be wild and do something completely unexpected with them... go absolutely wild with your choice of color… or give them a touch of style by going for a moon manicure (you know, the opposite of a French).


3. Ballerina Pointes: Filed down at the sides… and squared off at the tips… this type of nail shape is wild and daring. Trendy celebrities love this latest craze that was surely inspired by an old 90’s vibe. With such a daring shape on your fingertips, it is generally recommended to keep the hue of choice on a natural hue range. But then again, you can break the rules if you dare!


Other trends to follow:

  • Tiny florals
  • Pastels
  • Pineapples
  • Painted moons
  • Unusual French


Product Picks:

1. Bourjois 12 shades range of La Laque Gel

2. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Shades

3. OPI Disney Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection