Do Eyelash Enhancers Actually Work?

Monday, July 11, 2016
Do Eyelash Enhancers Actually Work?
Do Eyelash Enhancers Actually Work?
Do Eyelash Enhancers Actually Work?

From pouty lips to sharply tattooed brows, the enhancement of certain facial features tends to hit the beauty world with trends that come and go. However, if there is one trend that will never go out of style, that’s to have long and full eyelashes. 


We have all witnessed the commercials of products that claim to lengthen, strengthen, and boost the growth of our eyelashes and even eyebrows. They big question is: Do they actually work?  We are happy to say the answer is a big YES! You just have to give it a try and commit to its daily application.


If you are not a fan of gluing on false eyelashes day in and day out, you should definitely consider investing in an eyelash/eyebrow enhancer that will boost their health and their appearance. It is a simple way to uplift your beauty in a natural way.


How do they work?

  • Lash enhancers contain a special molecule that actually prolongs the hair growth cycle.
  • This ingredient/molecule strengthens lashes and aids in reducing hair fall.
  • These products contain moisturizing ingredients that keep them healthy and more durable.
  • Added vitamins and moisturizers boost their agility and improve their beauty.


5 Reasons to use an eyelash enhancer:


1. It helps to hydrate the hairs, boosting their good health.

2. It unquestionably strengthens the eyelashes.

3. It protects the lashes from environmental damage.

4. It beautifies facial features in a natural way overall.

5. It beats gluing on false eyelashes every single day!


Fit’n Style’s Product Picks:


LIPOCILS EXPERT®: This eyelash enhancer serum will help to improve the overall appearance of your eyelashes. With continue use lashes will appear longer, fuller, stronger, and healthier. Lipocils Expert will intensify the color of lashes especially for light or medium lashes. 


EYEBROW LIPOCILS EXPERT®: Specially formulated for the brows, Eyebrow Lipocils is directly derived from Talika legendary lash conditioning serum Lipocils. The potent combination of 5 natural plant extracts gently conditions and strengthens the brows, making the brow line look fuller and neater.


Beauty Expert TALIKA Now Available in Lebanon

Talika was born in 1948, specializing in eyelash and eyebrow appearance and growth. Throughout the years, millions of women, including famous movie stars and top models, have sought out the benefits of Talika products. Talika has developed exciting new products that answer the specific beauty needs of today's women.