The Type of Woman You Are According to Your Birthday Month!

Thursday, July 14, 2016
The Type of Woman You Are According to Your Birthday Month!


Whether you are avidly into zodiac signs or not, one this is for sure: a woman can definitely be judged based on the month she was born in! We will leave it up to you to decide if this is true or not; however we are pretty confident you will see yourself in the below descriptions!



Women born in the first month of the year are natural leaders. They strive to do their very best in every activity they take on and do so with full force.  Independent and ambitious, women born in January are tough cookies!  Cross their path and you better be prepared to converse with your full intellect.



Women born in the month of love are true romantic creatures. They love to wine and dine while partaking in deep conversation. They will treat you with the utmost respect; however, if they are taken for a ride or taken advantage of, good luck!



Women born in March are sweet, sensitive, and witty. You will never meet another as honorable as they are. They trust with all of their heart and expect the same in return.  While they generally wear their heart on their sleeve, they do maintain a sense of mystery as well.



Jealousy is a major issue for women born in this month; so if you are caught fooling around behind the back of an April woman, you are in for a terrible time. Revenge is the name of their game. Women born in this month are also often the life of the party. They love to socialize with all walks of life.



Oh the May woman! Where to begin? She is a character worth dealing with.  Loyal, charismatic, and sometime difficult, dating this type of woman can be quite the challenge. If you can manage her mood swings, you will be promised good times and lots of passion.



Females born in June tend to speak their minds, but not always at the right moment. You can expect the truth at all times with women born in June – and sometimes many people wish they would keep their thoughts to themselves. Their creativity is super attractive.



Beautiful and mysterious - these two words describe the July woman best. Their physical beauty reflects their inner beauty 100%. They enjoy meditating and reading… always looking to better themselves on all levels. They also need lots of love and affection.



These women are hilarious! They always remember the funniest jokes and love to be the center of attention. Party situations are their comfort zone and you can expect them to always be the last one to leave. They luckily help in the clean-up process too at the end of the night!



Warm, loving, and dedicated; this describes the September woman to a T. These women make the best wives and friends. Always there to help, they never take no for an answer when someone is in a desperate situation. Being married to them is heaven.



Women born in this month are very dynamic. They are always on the go and can never sit at home with nothing to do. Very funny and social, you can always count them in on a lunch date or a night at the movies. They prefer to hang out in groups rather than be alone.



November ladies are extremely opinionated! Don’t count on ever winning an argument with this group because they are very stubborn as well. Talking is more important than listening for them, which can make communication quite challenging. Be patient with them.



Females born in the last month of the year are super special. They can make a man feel like he is the center of their universe, which is always very flattering. They will shop for you and surprise you with unusual gifts. Life is never dull with them around.





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