5 Ways to Reduce Belly Fat the Smart ’n Healthy Way

Thursday, July 14, 2016
With Forte Pharma Liporedux as your ally
5 Ways to Reduce Belly Fat the Smart ’n Healthy Way

There is no doubt that it can get quite frustrating when trying to lose those last few kilos. And what often makes the situation even more difficult is when excess fat is accumulated specifically in the belly area. While many think that trying to lose belly fat is a cosmetic or vain issue at hand, it is very vital to point out that it is a health matter foremost!


Belly fat is associated with many significant health issues – from heart health matters, to liver and intestinal issues - and working to get rid of it is a very important matter to discuss and combat. Keeping this in mind, it is time to arm yourself with the knowledge YOU need to banish that belly fat for good!


Forget about gimmicky ways to lose that unhealthy visceral fat in the belly region. Here are proven ways to reduce if effectively the healthy way: 


1. Cardio Exercise: Burn calories effectively and blast that belly fat with a fun cardio workout. Whether you opt for jogging, biking, swimming, or playing tennis, it is good to know that your belly fat will start to dissipate with all of your hard work. Make cardio exercise a daily habit.


2. Stop Smoking: We know what you’re thinking… smoking helps to curb your cravings, right?  While all that is said and done, quitting leads you on the road to good health. Refraining from smoking can reduce the chance of developing metabolic syndrome, a condition that is associated with belly fat. Stopping this nasty habit will benefit both your mid-section and your lungs!


3. Say NO to Alcohol: Alcohol is digested as a sugar… and sugar eventually turns to fat. OH NO! Stick to one drink per day if you must…. Even better, keep your cocktails for the weekend. Overdoing it on the booze can simply boost that visceral fat; alcohol can also dehydrate you, which brings your metabolism on a slow-down streak. Not good for the belly fat whatsoever!


4. Get Proper Sleep: Getting less than the recommended amount of 7-8 hours of sleep each and every night can indeed encourage visceral fat levels to rise… and we don’t want that now, do we? Do your best to hit the sack at 10pm so you can guarantee a restful night of zzz’s before getting up for your work day.


5. Take a Reputable Weight Loss Pill: Forget about empty promises and ineffective products on the market. When it comes to trying to get rid of visceral fat, you have to combat it successfully with a scientifically effective product. Forte Pharma Liporedux is a weight loss product for people who are overweight and have a Body Mass Index of over 26. It could be exactly what you need to finally get rid of those last few pesky kilos indeed!


Sinetrol®, the exclusive complex in Liporedux by Forte Pharma, is made of sweet orange, red orange, grapefruit extracts, and guarana.  Its efficacy was proven in a clinical study where it worked on weight, measurements, and health factors. In 3 months, visceral fat loss was 3.5 kg, waist size was reduced by 5.17 cm, and 5.15 cm was reduced in the waist area.


Belly fat is no laughing matter. Getting rid of it the healthy way will lead you to a productive and healthy lifestyle.