Slimming Down for the Sake of Your Health

Monday, July 25, 2016
Slimming Down for the Sake of Your Health

We all want a slim and trim physique; that’s not rocket science. However, when we are bombarded with ads and articles about how to attain six-pack abs, it can get quite frustrating when we need to lose the fat that covers those muscles in the first place. Losing weight is a struggle for many, and it doesn’t get any easier when we have to slip on a bikini and head on over to the beach and reveal our precious bodies.


As we attempt to reduce our food intake, and climb aboard that treadmill 3 times per week, it sometimes still doesn’t do the job. Why is it so difficult to lose that stubborn belly fat after all? We would like to introduce to you the term visceral fat… it’s that hard to lose excess fat that can be eliminated with healthy choices and know-how.


What is visceral fat anyways?


When we think about visceral fat, the fat surrounding the abdominal area, we tend to picture a middle aged man with a beer belly. This is surely a part of the picture, but it doesn’t end there. Both men and women gain visceral fat, which is also sometimes referred to as active fat. However, this isn’t the type of fat that we can squeeze with our fingers at the waist line. This type of fat is much harder to classify because it is stored around the internal organs in our abdominal region. Problems arise because of how it can affect the surrounding organs such as the liver, intestines, and pancreas. So as you can see, getting rid of visceral fat is not a cosmetic issue, but a health matter in the end.


What can YOU do about it?


It is good to know that you are not on your own when it comes to trying to get rid of this stubborn excess weight. You can stop and reverse the accumulation of this dangerous fat with willpower and lifestyle changes, such as consuming a balanced diet and exercising, which will aid in promoting the usage of visceral fat. But it doesn’t end there.  You can also add to your game plan a weight loss product that will help you to reach your goal the healthy way.



Forte Pharma Liporedux: One tablet taken at breakfast and one at lunch


Forte Pharma Liporedux is a weight loss product for people who are overweight (have a Body Mass Index of 26+) and who have fat located in the abdominal region. And since we know that this fat is dangerous for our health and has an impact on our blood vessels and heart, it only makes sense to be proactive in the entire weight loss journey. It is all about losing weight to preserve our good health.


The exclusive complex in this product, Sinetrol®, is made of sweet orange, red orange, and grapefruit extracts, in addition to guarana (caffeine). Its efficacy was proven in a clinical study; it works on weight, measurements, and health factors. In 3 months, visceral fat loss is 3.5 kg, waist size is reduced by 5.17 cm, and 5.15 cm is reduced in the waist.


Blood test of the participants in the study showed a 23% decrease in CRP levels and a 20% decrease in fibrinogen (proteins that indicate inflammation), in addition to an increase in natural antioxidants produced by the body by 17% and 5% (SOD and Gluthatione).