It’s All About the Base

Thursday, August 04, 2016
It’s All About the Base
It’s All About the Base
It’s All About the Base
It’s All About the Base
It’s All About the Base

From concealer and foundation… to contouring products, highlighters, and powders… how is a woman supposed to know exactly where to begin? We want to make it simple for you! When it comes to perfecting your makeup look, it’s important to start with the basics, better yet… the base!


How to apply your base makeup:

Should you be applying your foundation or concealer first? The answer is without a doubt your foundation! If you apply your concealer first, it ends up getting swiped away. However, if you start with your foundation, this helps to even out your skin and mask some of those imperfections. So in the end, you have less to actually conceal. Don’t forget to dust some loose translucent powder over the infamous t-zone area to finalize your look.


How to apply liquid foundation:

Most make-up artists would agree that using a primer is key to creating a smooth and even base before applying your liquid foundation. Depending on your preference, you can use your finger tips or a foundation brush to apply foundation to your forehead, chin, and center of the cheeks. Always blend outwards! Using a brush generally helps you to use less product.


Finding the right foundation shade for you:

At the beauty counter, test out a few shades in between the jaw line and cheekbone, blending with your fingertips. Choose the foundation that nearly disappears naturally. You may also want to accommodate your foundation shades according to the seasons… a lighter one in the winter and a slightly darker one in the summer months to go along with your tan.


Finding the ideal concealer shade for you:

Picking the right concealer shade for under the eyes can be a tricky task for some. It is ideal to select a shade lighter and yellow in tone to brighten any under-eye circles. If you are in need of a concealer for your face, opt for a shade similar to your skin color for natural cover up.


How to apply loose powder makeup:

A loose powder makeup product applies very easily and smoothly like any loose powder. Swirl brush into powder and tap off excess. Then blend powder evenly all over face in short, sweeping strokes for a natural and beautiful complexion.


Beauty Tip:

It is mandatory to clean your make-up brushes regularly! Wash them at least once per month with warm water and a mild shampoo. Allow to air dry thoroughly.


Foundation Beauty Tips:

Got dry, dull skin? Choose hydrating foundations and steer away from powders and mattifying formulas. 

Got oily skin? Opt for an oil absorbing foundation that is either oil-free, mattifying, or shine- reducing.

Got combination skin? Pick a formula specially made for you, one that has both oil absorbing qualities and moisturizing benefits.


Product Picks:


Dior Fix It Color Prime and Correct: Use it on the face, eyes, or lips for targeted correction of color imperfections. The center of the stick features a formula enriched with a soft-focus, full-coverage powder to produce an even and perfected surface for the skin. Wrinkles appear faded, pores seem reduced, and lips look smoothed. 


Guerlain Lingerie de Peau: A range of 18 shades that perfectly correspond to all skin colours, both in terms of intensity and undertone, for an incredibly natural, seamless result.


Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation and Concealer: The ULTRA HD product range of liquid and stick foundation - and now the concealer - keeps its promise of perfect, natural, and luminous skin, where spotting even the thinnest film of makeup is simply unthinkable.