Tanmia in Constant Innovation

Friday, August 12, 2016
Tanmia launches the new line of fresh healthy and ready-to-cook products “Men Matbakhna”
Tanmia in Constant Innovation

In line with its commitment to innovation, which awarded it “Product of the year 2016,” Tanmia launched its “innovation corner” at Spinneys supermarkets, offering the Lebanese consumers a creative extension to its fresh, healthy and easy to cook products under the concept of “Men Matbakhna.”


On the 4th of August, consumers at Spinneys Hazmieh witnessed an amazing event in the presence of media, bloggers and social media influencers. Our guests had the chance to learn some quick and easy-to-cook recipes and enjoyed tasty dishes prepared by the dietician Nicole Maftoum, using Tanmia’s “Men Matbakhna” products during an amusing live cooking show. They also participated in an interactive roadshow with Tanguy from Light FM, had many surprises and won several gifts.


Tanmia’s newly introduced line “Men Matbakhna”, offers fresh products in limited edition.


Two new products are launched every Thursday at all Spinneys branches. Following the consumers’ feedback and evaluation on the website www.talktotanmia.com, the best products will be called “Our consumers’ favorites” and will be sold permanently in all supermarkets as part of Tanmia fresh line.


Tanmia’s collaboration with dietitian Nicole Maftoum, resourced in the creation of easy-to-cook new recipes in mini videos format, which can be found on “Tanmia Lebanon” Facebook page.



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