The Booming Street Workout Trend

Tuesday, August 16, 2016
The Booming Street Workout Trend
The Booming Street Workout Trend

Nowadays, a person’s workout routine doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg when ambition and determination is a part of the fitness plan. The ever popular “street workout” is the latest way to get fit and discover your city all at the same time! The #GymIsEverywhere campaign created by Reebok was one example of how anyone can get fit and live a healthy lifestyle by simply heading out into the great outdoors.


Sarah Baydoun, the personal trainer featured in this latest campaign video, proved how relevant the street workout truly is... and absolutely anyone can get in on the fun! We spoke with Sarah to learn more about this exciting fitness trend.


How did you hook up with Reebok for the amazing #GymIsEverywhere campaign?

I’m a trainer at Fitness Zone gym, which is sponsored by Reebok, and I’m very happy with what the global fitness brand stands for. So when the Reebok team reached out to me I was very pleased to collaborate with them on a common purpose – to challenge the fitness community to reach our ultimate potential.


For those not familiar with the term yet, tell us what a street workout is exactly. What are the advantages of an outdoor workout? 

Street workout means working out even if you don’t have the time to go to a gym and use workout equipment. What street workout stands for is that the gym can be and is everywhere and that everyone has a free pass to work out within their city and celebrate it. Exercising outdoors acts as a motivator in itself to be around beautiful scenery such as our beautiful sea view in Lebanon.


What types of exercises can someone do in and around town in the great outdoors?

In Reebok’s Gym Is Everywhere video launch campaign, I’ve done box jumps, tricep dips, pull ups, and pistol squats across our beautiful capital Beirut; a combination of those exercises in addition to stretching, push-ups, and planks, I can say that the number of exercises are limitless and all we can do is continue to challenge and innovate our exercise.


Can someone accomplish both cardio and muscle-building goals outdoors effectively?

Cardio for sure; however, muscle-building would depend on the individual’s goals. For instance, a beginner will be able to build muscle with their own body weight, but will then need to add weights so they can continue to grow bigger and better.


What feedback and reactions have you had surrounding the Reebok campaign?

People loved the video and the overall concept, but also loved that Reebok was honoring Lebanon and its landmarks. This really helped motivate everyone to join #GymIsEverywhere and have their own workouts within the walls of Lebanon to reach their fitness and health goals.


What is your personal philosophy when it comes to working out and keeping in shape in general?

I believe working out and keeping in shape plays a special and tremendous role on one’s health, so my philosophy for a healthy, illness-free life would be to exercise daily and keep in shape.


Do you think the street workout trend is here to stay and will pick up momentum?

It will never end. Street workout has always existed, especially on the Corniche, and with Reebok’s involvement within the fitness community, I am confident that momentum will continue to pick up.