Forever Young with Caviar Extract

Monday, August 22, 2016
Forever Young with Caviar Extract

Better muscle tone, less sagging, improved skin elasticity, regenerated damaged skin, and super hydrated skin…. Caviar extract can do all this and more!

Caviar extract is a complete complex of pure, concentrated marine extracts with a high content of essential amino acids, structural peptides, nutrients, proteins, essential fatty acids, trace elements, and iodine. What is it about caviar extract that is placing it at the forefront of beauty product ingredients, offering a perfectly natural facelift?


Virtually every cell in our body contains Coenzyme Q10, which protects and stimulates the biological functions of the skin. It is a powerful antioxidant that aids in metabolic reactions and protects the body from free radical damage.


Caviar extract complements Coenzyme Q10 by boosting the ability of cells to regenerate, heighten the protective function of cells, and decrease the likelihood of any new formation of wrinkles.


What’s in caviar extract?


DMAE nutrient: DMAE is a nutrient that helps build up the neurotransmitters responsible for firming muscle tone, which basically means less sagging.


Amino acids: Amino acids have extraordinary regenerating and firming powers on the skin. The caviar complex intensely affects the skin, preserving it from premature aging. Basic agents of skin proteins, amino acids support the skin’s elasticity.


Vitamins and trace elements: They stimulate activity of ferments and cellular respiration, improving micro-circulation.  The moisturizing effect of caviar extract comes from these nutrients and water retaining substances.


Phospholipids:  They support regeneration of damaged and strained skin by penetrating skin layers and membrane structures where cell division takes place. They also improve oxygenation level, stimulate cellular metabolism, increase elasticity of the skin, and provide sufficient hydration.


All in all, these ingredients intensify the processes within our skin cells, and at the same time, slow down the aging process through moisturizing.  The ability of the skin to protect itself against external effects such as UV radiation, weather, dehydration, and pollution is optimized.  The combination of caviar extract with Q10 gives the skin a unique anti-aging effect.


So the next time you feel you need a noticeable beauty boost, invest in a product that incorporates caviar extract… a much better move than rubbing those salty fish eggs on your face!  





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