What Your Eye Color Reveals About Your Personality

Wednesday, August 24, 2016
What Your Eye Color Reveals About Your Personality

You can be a mild, calm person who loves serenity and silence, or you can be a wild, passionate person who loves adventure and the loudness of a crowd. You can be hardcore and athletic or you can be smooth and a thinker. Whatever you are and whatever your traits, your eyes always give you away!


We always consider our eyes to be the windows to our soul, always giving our emotions and feelings away. They reveal if you’re shy, angry, happy, thoughtful, lying, and a whole lot more. Well, apparently they can also tell a whole lot more about you depending on their color.  Your eye tone can reveal your general personality traits and your natural behavior. Plain and simple, the color of your eyes is a signature of your personality.


According to modern biology, there are only three basic iris colors: blue, brown, and a mixture of the two. All other colors come from the discoloration of these two or their proportional mix.


About thirty years ago, Morgan Worthy of Georgia State University conducted research and documented how athletic performance could be directly linked to eye color. He found that sports that require high reflex ability and bursts of short-timing movements, like boxing, were better performed by people with brown irises. On the other hand, in self-pacing sports and sports demanding high levels of concentration, like golf, blue-eyed people were superior.


Different athletic surveys have confirmed these findings and Dr. Peter Post, from New York Hospital, clinically tested reflex action in a group of volunteers by electronically dropping a ruler, accompanied by a buzzer or flash of light. They had to catch the ruler as it fell. Variables such as gender, age, race, and others were taken into account, but the results showed that dark-eyed people consistently caught the ruler more times than colored-eyed people, further proving the fact that eye color denotes one’s physical personality and potential.


And that’s not all! Studies conducted by a small group of leading European psychologists insinuated that the color of the eyes denotes the traits of the psychological personality in humans. In other words, the color of your eyes shows who you really are. They characterized major personality qualities according to each major color, hence the following analysis:


Brown Eyes: Lively and active, people with brown eyes are attractive in nature, loved by the ones surrounding them, and always like to make new friends. They will do anything for the people they love. Kind and polite, they have a light sense of humor, and always use it to cheer people up. Their passion to please the one they love is unmatched and they are known for their love of touch. They are very thoughtful and like to analyze things, but sometimes they get carried away and start worrying too much.


Blue Eyes: Fun loving and somewhat chaotic in nature, blue-eyed people are generally the social type. They thrive in a crowd and they like to be the center of attention. Although they’re physical ability is a bit more fragile than others, they are very active. They are fond of outdoor activities. Although very deep, they often tackle shallow subjects and go for small chit-chats. They like simplicity in life and take life easily; however, sometimes they take things much lighter than they ought to, placing them in trouble.


Green (Mixed) Eyes: Passionate and unpredictable, green-eyed people are very intense in nature. Calm on the outside, with a raging fire on the inside, they stand out as individuals and don’t mix well with a group; they do indeed make great leaders though. Their love of solitude is immense and they prefer a quiet night alone or with a couple of friends instead of a loud and large crowd. They’re very deep and emotional, but they don’t show it easily, which portrays them to others as indifferent and cruel.




Health Matters:


Blue Iris: Young people with blue eyes tend to have sinus, throat, and breathing problems such as asthma. Elders with blue eyes may frequently suffer from rheumatism and arthritis. The lymph system of the body is often overloaded and this is a good reason why lymph drainage massage works well for people with blue eyes. The kidneys can be sluggish and this may lead to water retention.

Brown Iris: People with deep brown usually need more vitamins and minerals in their diet. This genetically low mineral status often leads to glandular disturbances. Blood and circulation disorders are associated with this iris type and may cause problems such as anemia.

Mixed Iris (green eyes included): This group often suffers from digestive disorders, particularly connected to the liver and gall bladder function. Fluctuations in blood sugar may cause hypoglycemia, with its symptoms of sudden, extreme tiredness, chocolate cravings, and mood swings, among others.