My 2-day Love Affair with the Infiniti Q30

Tuesday, September 27, 2016
A female take on an amazingly smooth drive
My 2-day Love Affair with the Infiniti Q30
My 2-day Love Affair with the Infiniti Q30
My 2-day Love Affair with the Infiniti Q30
My 2-day Love Affair with the Infiniti Q30

I definitely don’t consider myself a car expert, however, I do know what I like and what feels good to drive. And so when I agreed to take the Infiniti Q30 for a couple of days in order to see how it feels to drive it around town with my busy and hectic schedule as the editorial director of, I immediately thought to myself… why the heck not?


The car I usually drive (no, I am not going to drop any names here) is a good size automobile and considered high in its class. A little bit on the large size, I am always challenged to park and manoeuvre through the crazy streets of Beirut. While I have become a whiz on the road (sorry, don’t mean to brag), I do meet up with plenty of challenges on a daily basis that can give any working woman a headache… and a good dose of stress. But hey, we all have to roll with the punches.


So, my love affair began when I picked up the Infiniti Q30 at the Rymco dealership. I was introduced to what I saw as a purple car. Me? Drive a car that isn’t beige, black, or white? Hmmm, this was going to be very interesting. I was told it was blue, and before I knew it, I was hitting the pavement with my new, fresh, and modern looking drive.


It is no secret that the all-new Infiniti Q30 has been hotly anticipated. Launched at an exclusive event in Beirut, Lebanon in June, it was introduced as a new type of premium vehicle for a new type of consumer. Hmmm, now I was wondering if I fit that description! Demonstrating Infiniti’s first entry into the fast-growing premium compact segment, it has been said that the Q30 will play a vital role in the continuing goal to boost the growth of the brand in the Middle East region.


The Look:


Strong, stylish, and impressive without a doubt… that was my first impression of this beautiful car. And while it appeared so remarkable on the outside… it didn’t feel so immense on the inside when I actually drove it. It was so smooth to handle and I was able to whip around with ease.  This car has taken on all of Infiniti’s signature design cues while evolving them into new vibrant shapes. It really is a stylish car; I absolutely loved pulling up in it at all my press events and functions.


The double-arch grille with 3D mesh has grown from the Q50 - with a more fluid movement into the headlamps. The dramatic curves and turbulent lines flow up the bonnet, over the fenders, and across the body line into the strong shoulder of the car. “Super chic” is how I describe it! And yes, I fell in love with the color. This car offers a sleek presence which gives the impression of the car being in motion even when standing still. Its harmonious design can be appreciated at a simple glance.


Some Interesting Facts:

  • An important, differentiating characteristic of the Q30’s design is its combination of elevated stance with an overall height that is comparable with models in the traditional compact segment.
  • The Q30’s height (1,495mm) allows for a higher hip point (531mm), which aids ingress and egress.
  • The Q30 Sport stands a little lower (1,475mm), accentuating the already distinctive, coupe-like silhouette.
  • Driving performance includes individual suspensions settings and distinctive ride and handling characteristics – offering premium compact buyers a choice that is specific to their personal needs and preferences.
  • The Q30 Premium includes LED front fog lamps, body-coloured and heated door mirrors, as well as chrome dual rectangular exhaust finishers.


The Technology:

On the technology front, the Q30 delivers as the best equipped with the highest level of assistive technology in the segment. This includes’ Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection, Intelligent Parking Assist, Forward Collision Warning and Blind Sport Warning. How would I describe it? A life-saver! Driving in and out of Beirut can pose as a challenging experience for any driver.  I have never felt so in control while driving on the road and while trying to park in the most challenging of spots during my busy day.


So what made the driving and parking experience so easy for me? A first for Infiniti and this category, the Intelligent Parking Assist has been designed to work in the three most common parking situations: tight parallel parking, 90 degree backing-in, and heading–in parking. Using 12 sensors in the front and rear, the system automatically steers the vehicle into place with the additional help or audio and visual warnings whilst the driver controls the brake and accelerator. What did all of this jargon mean to me? This is an ideal car for parking and working my way into the most challenging spaces throughout the city. I didn’t want this love affair to end!!


NOW I understand why it has been ranked among the best in the premium compact segment!  The front passenger seat is 1,393mm wide (my daughter was whipping in and out of this car on her way to all of her activities) and the rear passenger seat measures at 1,349mm. Lots of space for kids, friends, and shopping bags… leg room is impressive and before long, my daughter was nagging that we REALLY needed to get one of these as soon as possible.


To top it all off, the cargo capacity is highly competitive, with the boot capacity of 430 litres. It easily holds two large suitcases, with 60:40 split-fold rear passenger seats liberating additional space for larger cargo.Translated into everyday lingo… heading off to the airport for summer vacation or a business trip would be an absolute pleasure in this car. Now I was getting teary eyed!


The Infiniti Q30 is available with 1.6L or 2.0L Turbo variants in a 2WD configuration. The 2.0L Turbo will also be offered with an optional AWD drivetrain. The 2.0L Turbo engine delivers 208hp and 350Nm torque. When equipped with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, the highest-performing engine in the range is capable of powering the Infiniti Q30 from 0-to-100kph in 7.3 seconds.


As I dropped off this beautiful car back at the dealership after 2 days of joy-riding, I felt a sense of loss. Will we meet again? I sure hope so… my sweet, blue bundle of joy! And no, the dealership didn’t offer it to me as a kind gesture at the end! In my dreams!


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