A sweet whisper...

Thursday, November 14, 2013
A sweet whisper...

The other day, as I walked by a local magazine stand, I could not help but look at all the publications stacked on shelves upon shelves that barely support their weight beneath.... From among all those journals, as if I heard Fit'n Style magazine whispering to me with an absurd intimacy and the sweetest of air, "Hey, you, over here." My lips drew a big, fat voluntary smile, and my eager hand reached out to pick it up with a sentiment of a lover who can never have enough of his beloved.


To the onlooker, the scene of me holding the magazine may pose as a trivial sight… or he might not even take a second glance; he might even think that I am just looking at the cover girl or reading a headline, or maybe both.... Yet to me, flipping those dear and familiar pages... reflecting on the details behind each article... knowing the effort it took to put each and every line together...  the connection I have with every phrase and paragraph is a warm and personal experience hardly any observer can imagine the magnitude of its depth.


Though this may sound so sentimental, I deem it appropriate for the occasion of Fit'n Style’ seventh anniversary. Anniversaries are important because they allow us to assess the success of the journey we undertake and to evaluate how far we've gone along its path, individually, and as a team. And here, I want to thank our great team for their hard work and dedication, which is on display for all to see and admire. To each one of them, I would like to say Happy Anniversary, and I feel honored to have worked with you all.


At times, I feel overwhelmed having been involved in a project much bigger than myself. Perhaps it is only natural to experience such emotion, considering the responsibility of publishing seventy educational issues related to well-being and health matters… and where there is no place to hide any mistake as all the work is scrutinized under the microscope of the readers. To those dear readers, and on behalf of our team, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continuous and loyal support to our magazine, hoping you will continue enjoying our dearest Fit'n Style.


Abdo G. Mansour