A Volumizing Hair Tutorial

Tuesday, November 01, 2016
A Volumizing Hair Tutorial

Looking at all the celebrities out there, you would think they have all been born with amazing heads of hair! Well for your information, most A-list beauties have a team to get the job done. From personal hair stylists… to extensions and more… they can make the average woman feel a bit cheated.


So whether you were born with thin hair, are experiencing hair loss due to stress or other issues, or simply want to vamp up what you already have, follow these handy hair tips to boost things up.


1. Go for a specialized shampoo.  Investing in a salon worthy product will give you visible results! Choose a volume boosting product or a shampoo geared to thin hair or hair loss issues to achieve the results you want.


2. Focus on the roots. Many women make the common mistake of focusing on the ends of their hair for volume. Spritz your roots with some light hairspray and blow-dry on both high and then low heat settings to lift those roots up.


3. Don’t pass on the mousse. Applying mousse to your hair before blow-drying will lift and create the volume you crave.


4. Do a ponytail the right way. Don’t just tie your hair all back without putting in some much deserved effort. Create the volume you desire by teasing all of your hair first and then tying it up. It will look fuller and much more stylish.


5. Get your vitamins and minerals. Healthy hair is beautiful hair, so eating plenty of healthy foods will boost your hair health in a major way. Also, consider going for hair products that will replenish your thin hair with all the vital elements it needs.