5 Reasons People Fall Out of Love

Thursday, November 03, 2016
5 Reasons People Fall Out of Love

Love is a beautiful thing, and the way it's described in movies and love stories, it is also an eternal flame. But with the rise of divorce rates in past years, we know that love sometimes doesn't last forever, and many couples that seem perfectly in love, suddenly split and break apart. According to psychologists worldwide, there are 8 reasons why people fall out of love. You want your relationship to last? You better pay close attention!


 1. Poor communication

Some couples over time become disconnected. They either have poor communication skills or stop communicating all together in order to avoid arguments. However, deep down these feeling build up, and over time, these unresolved issues affect the relationship and love simply disappears.


2. Taking each other for granted

As years go by, many couples stop appreciating each other. They stop putting out effort to meet their partner's needs; they stop expressing feelings of gratitude. When a partner doesn't feel loved or special anymore, and feels unsatisfied in the relationship, love naturally fades away.


3. Unbalanced relationship

Sometimes, relationships are unhealthy from the start. At the beginning, there's blind infatuation and it's only later that things become clear. One of the partners may be in control while the other is always the one compromising. When there is imbalance between couples, and only one person is willing to sacrifice, then over time, this will create feelings of resentment, and love won't last.


4. Incompatibility

No two people think alike; after the honeymoon phase of a relationship, disagreements start to appear creating frustration between couples. Often, couples have different views, opinions, and values, which may create problems and disappointment between couples. When you don't accept your partner’s point of view, frustration will eat you alive, and love will no longer be present to soothe you.


5. Boredom

Relationships at first are exciting and fun because everything is new and interesting, but with every passing month, they may fall into a routine and become highly predictable and toxically boring. Boredom is dangerous because it kills the flames of love, and if couples don't work to create some excitement in the relationship, it may even lead to betrayal.


6. Big life changes

Sometimes, life circumstances change, and people simply grow apart. Whether it's a job promotion, the death of a loved one, bankruptcy, working abroad - anything that may deeply affect you – this can create change in the dynamics of a relationship. Love may disappear and the couple drifts apart.


7. Constant fighting

Every couple fights; it's a normal occurrence. But when fighting is frequent and always ends ugly with partners yelling and hurting each other, then there will be no respect left, and without respect, there is no love. Also, when couples keep criticizing each other about everything little thing and say mean things to one another, seeing the negative and disregarding the positive, this also creates tension, and there will be no room left for love.


8. Began with lust

Some relationships are based on mere physical attraction, nothing more. As time goes by, the chemistry fades, and the couple falls apart because the relation was rushed and simply didn't have a strong base in the first place. 

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