Sanofi Celebrates the Success of its Journalist Continuous Education Program

Friday, November 04, 2016
Sanofi Celebrates the Success of its Journalist Continuous Education Program

Sanofi in Lebanon, in partnership with ESA Business School, celebrates today the completion of its “Journalist Continuous Education Program” (JCEP).  A graduation ceremony was held followed by a reception at ESA Beirut campus where 14 participating journalists attended along with senior officials from Sanofi and from ESA.


The program was launched last year, to encourage the professional development of local healthcare editors. During this course, the participants completed 3 modules providing them with new business intelligence tactics for writing an investigative and interpretative report, an understanding of the new digital trends and their added value on the healthcare industry, and means to enhance their skills in convincing the audience.


“Sanofi is a strong believer in Education, thus we enrolled 14 of Lebanon’s leading print, broadcast, online editors and producers to take part of this program,” stated Ghassan Beydoun, Country Chair of Sanofi Levant. “The purpose of JCEP is to create better groundwork for health journalism and provide the media with necessary techniques and tools to help them optimize their daily performance,” added Beydoun.


The program is in line with Sanofi’s commitment to give its partners the opportunity to develop and acquire new competencies to better understand the growing complexity of today’s professional environment. Through this program, Sanofi provides journalists with soft skills and tools to make complex science and medical information understandable to a broad audience of readers, viewers and listeners. Media professionals being a prime partner in spreading health education are the ambassadors of all disease awareness campaigns.


Commenting on this partnership, Stéphane Attali, General Manager of ESA Business School, stated, “Sanofi and ESA partnership started since 2012 as ESA holds a wide range of executive education programs in the healthcare field. ESA has developed over the years high-level academic partnerships, involving international management professors and professionals who made this program a success.” “ESA recently created the first Chair in the Middle East dedicated to the prevention in the healthcare field, contributing, as does Sanofi, in raising awareness and spreading health education and best practices,” concluded Attali.