Why YOU Should Consider Prenatal Yoga

Monday, November 07, 2016
Interview with Yoga Expert Doris Hajj
Why YOU Should Consider Prenatal Yoga

Thinking of taking up prenatal yoga but still wondering if it is for you or not? We have come to your rescue! Yoga expert Doris Hajj, who recently launched her new Fit Pregnancy Yoga DVD, answers some of the most common questions pregnant woman have in mind.


What are the benefits of prenatal yoga?


The main benefit of pregnancy yoga is pain and stress management. Pregnancy could produce both mental and physical stress. Doing yoga during pregnancy could provide proper relaxation both for body and mind through its meditative nature and its breathing exercise; breathing exercise in yoga also helps in dealing with the pain caused by labor. Another benefit of prenatal yoga is to help solve posture problems and back pain problems. With yoga exercise you can strengthen the back muscles and chest muscles to provide better posture and alignment for the body. The last benefit of pregnancy yoga is to maintain the health of joints; it helps to strengthen joints and provide better flexibility!


What happens during a typical prenatal yoga class?


The woman feels more open, more relaxed, less stressed, and more flexible. As yoga works on flexibility, strength and balance, in addition to the physical changes, yoga also works a lot on the mind by synchronizing the breath and the movement. Yoga is the union between the mind, the body, and the soul… and it is very important for every human being, especially for pregnant woman to ensure an easy delivery.


Are there styles of yoga that aren't recommended for pregnant women?


Not all yoga styles are recommended for pregnant woman, as there are yoga styles faster than others. What we recommend as experts is to practice Hatha Yoga which combines the strength, the flexibility, and the breathing techniques to facilitate delivery and the balance in a way that becomes more difficult when the pregnant woman becomes heavier in her last trimester. There are always exceptions; the pregnant woman should consult her physician before doing this or any other exercise program, depending on her pregnancy case. Her doctor might tell her to pick up the pace and allow her to practice stronger kinds of yoga… or to slow down and take it easy depending on her pregnancy.


Are there special safety guidelines for prenatal yoga?


Of course prenatal yoga needs special safety guidelines depending on each trimester of pregnancy. That's why I have modified the poses for each trimester and have used different props like blankets, straps, and chairs for support and safety in my DVD. “Fit Pregnancy Yoga” provides safe and effective exercises and techniques designed to alleviate common pregnancy complaints and develop strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance for late pregnancy and labor. So any pregnant woman can practice the exercises found in this DVD and should listen to her body so she can know and understand her limits.



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