This Freaky Fetish Will Blow You Away

Tuesday, November 08, 2016
This Freaky Fetish Will Blow You Away

Soon we’ll be shopping for holiday props, and no festivity is ever complete without plenty of balloons. They are colorful, perky, bouncy, and engage all of our senses in ways that amaze us and take us back in time. Nonetheless, some of us may see balloons in a radically different way.


The dynamics of a balloon fetish


Strangely enough, globophilia (fear of balloons) and sonophobia (fear of loud sounds) may be at the heart of balloon fetishism. Such paradoxes show how personal and variable this fetish really is; however, it is generally explained by early sexual imprinting. During childhood, balloons may have been abnormally frightening, exciting, or simply deeply noticeable to some… strong impressions that we would naturally eroticize during puberty. This fetish is built up by glossy colors, beastly sizes, paradoxical shapes, oxidized smells, and elastic textures.


The psychology of balloon fetishists


There are three types of looners: the poppers to whom balloons represent sexual tension and release, the non-poppers to whom balloons gain human and romantic characteristics, and the semi-poppers to whom exploding balloons are tempting, even if they are reluctant initially because of fear. While poppers like pinning, squeezing, scratching, and torturing balloons, non-poppers keep them intact for a longer time… kissing, hugging, and tucking them into their clothes. Thus, balloons are either a symbol of orgasm or a sign of death.


Balloon fetishism in sexual activities


Because the adrenaline rush associated with the “danger” that an overinflated balloon will pop produces an overcharged sexual response, sensual activities involving full, tight, hard balloons and sensitive, roused genitalia include dry humping, grinding, squashing, and inflating balloons in between the thighs. For solo pleasure, some throw themselves naked into a pile of balloons, use the long shaped ones as pliable dildos, or go sadistic on them… attacking them with stilettos and cigarettes. For joint pleasure, couples perform all sorts of mouth gestures and eye contact in ways that balloon extremities represent their partner’s sexual organs.


Balloon fetishism and sexual manias

A big number of looners enjoy bubblegum balloons, beach balls, and inflatable PVC plastic toys. They also appreciate rubber gloves and latex goods. Because their balloons are designed to mimic penises, buttocks, and extra wobbly breasts, balloon fetishists may harbor a certain degree of partialism. Balloons are such a turn-on that some even prefer to postpone direct contact with the genitals and fool around till they can’t take it anymore. A wet and messy fetish leaps into the picture whenever lovers fill balloons with gooey substances, pop them, and let it rain. Oddly, a balloon fetish is closely related to the Clown Fetish.


If the innocent balloon is fetishized today, it is surely because of the fleeting and disposable nature of our society. If you are a looner who seeks the thrills of innovative and flamboyant sex, as well as abstract and aggressive erotic interactions, keep in mind that a balloon fetish carries with it some circumstantial hazards.

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