Fouad Yammine’s Inspiring Weight Loss

Thursday, November 10, 2016
Fouad Yammine’s Inspiring Weight Loss

He’s the loveable and hilarious actor we have grown to know so well on the big screen as well as the small screen over the past couple of years. Who can forget Mirva Kadi in the Buzz Khalas commercial suggesting to her boyfriend (Fouad) that he has put on a bit of weight… which breaks Fouad into the “Khalas” song?! Simply adorable.


Now if you have been paying close attention, as the months have passed on by, Fouad has gone through a noticeable transformation. The once hefty guy has definitely become much slimmer looking as of lately. We caught up with Fouad to ask him a couple of questions about what prompted his obvious weight loss and healthy transformation.


We have all noticed your healthy weight loss. Can you tell us what prompted you to do so?


I had triglyceride and cholesterol problems that affected negatively my health. Plus I had very bad eating habits that needed to be changed!


Was exercise a part of your plan? What kind of diet are you following or did you follow to lose the weight? How has your successful weight loss affected you and your life?


I tried several diets since the age of 17. The problem was not the loss of weight but how to sustain it. Eight months ago I did a sleeve operation. I lost 51kgs and I'm working with a professional trainer at the gym. I am trying to change my old habits and create a new lifestyle. I hope this time it will happen! It's a major change in my life and I'm so happy - especially health wise - since my blood tests are now perfect… I'm more confident and more at ease, and I can sleep better! As for my work, it didn't change a lot.  On the contrary, it has been a positive thing since now I have a bigger range of roles that I can play!


We couldn’t be happier for Fouad’s new healthy lifestyle and we are all rooting for him to keep it up! In the end, it’s all about living the healthy way with a balanced diet and regular exercise.


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