Are You Losing Hours on Social Media?

Friday, November 11, 2016
Are You Losing Hours on Social Media?
Even though we spend less time doing things the old, traditional ways, such as handwriting our paperwork or typing an assignment on a typewriter, it is plain to see that most of our hours are spent online! Social media, in particular, is eating up our schedule, leaving us scrambling to get tasks done. It is appropriate now to make some calculated measures. Let’s utilize some effective time management tips that will help all of us appreciate our precious time spent on the World Wide Web.

1.  Define your online presence: When you find yourself on all social networks, or when you feel that things are getting out of hand, that’s the time when you MUST come back to reality and assess which platforms are good for you. You should determine why you are using certain social networks and decide which ones best suit your personality.


2.  Set priorities: This might sound a bit cliché, but it is always useful to set priorities. If you understand what is important to you and know what your goals are, then the rest is child’s play. If such limits are not clear for you, it will be tricky to control your time.


3.  Specify time: If you handle specific things one at a time, you will be able to track your time spent. For example, instead of checking your newsfeed, your inbox, or your notifications every hour, start checking them only twice per day - in the morning and at night. You will be amazed at how productive you can be! This applies to laptops, tablets, and mobiles.


4.  Scan info: Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat, you don’t need to go over every single detail all the time; just scan through the platforms for a few minutes to see what’s going on with your network of friends and around the world. BUT… learn to put up the shutters once you are done scanning as it might be hard to resist the temptation of exploring more and more in the social media world.


5.  Get a life: Being available on social media 24/7 can only mean one thing: you lack true relationships – sorry to be a bit harsh, but it’s for a good cause! Just go back to your roots: Do you love to walk outdoors, paint, design, or write? Just step away from any kind of social media and try to bond with your inner self. It’s okay if you’d like to share your artwork on social media, just do so with moderation!


If you take the time and make the effort to figure out how to use social media, then you will be able to spend more time doing the things you love and focus on where it brings you the most value.


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