Offer a Heart to Save a Heart

Thursday, November 17, 2016
YADUNA and MOUKARZEL launch exclusive collection in support of women’s heart health
Offer a Heart to Save a Heart
Offer a Heart to Save a Heart
Offer a Heart to Save a Heart

Designed to touch the heart & soul of every man and woman, “MOUKARZEL for YADUNA” exclusive collection was splendidly launched at Le Yacht Club, Zaytouna Bay to celebrate an unprecedented partnership between YADUNA and MOUKARZEL jewelry. Leading political, economic and social figures, among media members and influencers, enjoyed a refined exhibition and supported a one of a kind cause that addresses all women in their lives to take extreme care of their heart health.


This exclusive jewelry collection was inspired by YADUNA’s most symbolic gem: The Heart. It carries the love, courage & strength that every woman needs to have to prevent heart diseases. Through this collection, YADUNA association will be reaching out to every woman, reminding her that a healthy heart suits her just as much as any beautiful craftsmanship.


“We are delighted to have partnered with MOUKARZEL Jewelry for this exclusive collection. The heart-shaped pieces of jewelry represent YADUNA’s mission to save the lives of as many women since our inception in 2012” said Mrs. Wafaa Sleiman, president of YADUNA – WHHC. “We wholeheartedly hope to increase awareness around cardiovascular diseases. In fact, it is actually time for all women to put their hearts first!” she added.


Crafted to create an authentic story around this collection, “MOUKARZEL for YADUNA” is a distinguished line of necklaces, rings and bracelets that combines elegant shapes and distinctive precious metal textures to create simple and refined jewelry.


“From Gold, to Diamonds and Rubies, this uniquely designed collection was created for those who seek a simple and sophisticated style and appreciate long-lasting craftsmanship”, said Mr. Jean-Claude MOUKARZEL. “Our partnership with YADUNA association goes beyond a simple collaboration. We have spent a lifetime providing women with the most special in the world of jewelry, but this time we have gone further by taking great care of women’s heart health”, he added.


“MOUKARZEL For YADUNA” hides the story of warriors who fight heart diseases every day. The collection will be available at all MOUKARZEL stores starting November 11, 2016.  Proceedings will directly go to YADUNA’s funds, making its responsibility grow bigger by committing to a noble cause that touches every person’s heart.