On the Dance Floor With Pierrette Katrib

Friday, November 18, 2016
On the Dance Floor With Pierrette Katrib
On the Dance Floor With Pierrette Katrib
On the Dance Floor With Pierrette Katrib

Dancing with the Stars is back on track this year with a list of celebrities to tickle your toes.  With the 3rd program coming up this Sunday, the audience is waiting with anticipation to see who will stay… and who will go… next. Pierrette Katrib is one of the celebrity dancers this year that will hopefully be in it for the long haul with partner Raed Mourad (yes, I am rooting for this classy lady, but don’t tell anyone)! I caught up with her to discuss what the DWTS experience has been like so far.


What made you decide to join up for Dancing with the Stars?

I have been away for about 4 years now and thought it was about time to have a comeback. I have missed a lot of the glam and bling-bling lately since I have been really dedicated to my family (and I still am very dedicated to my family). But when they contacted me from DWTS, I thought it was the time to make a new step in my career.


Have you ever danced before?

I have never danced before and this is going to be my challenge – to see how far I can go with this adventure. It is the first time in my life that I am taking such dance courses, the techniques and everything. Every week we have 4 days to prepare for the dance that we present on Sunday, so it is a bit hard to get used to all of the choreography and master the techniques. Seeking perfection in one week is quite hard, especially since I have never danced before, but I am doing it for fun!


What have you learned so far from your experience?

First of all, I have never been in a competition before, so it is a new experience for me. I am not trained psychologically how to undergo all the stress of competition and elimination.  So I think that week by week I will discover how strong I can be.  I have also learned that we can really become dancers – not professional dancers of course – and we can really present a beautiful performance for the public that they actually really enjoy. Of course there are some technical flaws… I think this is very normal. The reaction of the public is very crucial because 50% of the votes come from them; so we have to present something really attractive to the audience.  In a couple of weeks I learned the basics of Tango and I learned Samba. This Sunday I also have a really special dance. I think this experience on DWTS is a beautiful challenge and I really want my journey to last.


Did you regret joining at any point?

Well, to be honest, till now I haven’t had the feeling of regret. But I don’t know how I will feel in the upcoming weeks… and everything depends on if I am going to stay. Who knows how I will feel if I have some difficult dances and really feel the stress; after all, there is a lot of physical fatigue involved. We rehearse for 4 hours per day so it is really demanding both physically and psychologically. You really have to have the WILL to continue and survive among all of the stars that are dancing. So till now I don’t regret anything, and I hope I won’t. It has really been fun till now.


You can vote for Pierrette Katrib by sending number DS8 to 1087 from Lebanon. The vote of the public really counts!


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