10 Tips for Picking the Best Gym for You!

Monday, December 26, 2016
10 Tips for Picking the Best Gym for You!

For the more experienced person, picking a gym is somewhat of an easy task… kind of like a farmer picking an apple from a tree. However, for the inexperienced novice who wants to start improving his/her physical fitness and shape up, choosing a suitable gym can be a hassle… pretty much like sending an accountant to choose a suitable drug for a dying patient.


How can you know that a certain gym is more suitable than another for your fitness needs? Follow these 10 tips and you’ll be set and able to properly choose what’s best for you:


1. Location is key: It’s best if the location of the gym is either close to your work or close to your home so that you won’t waste time on the road (and won’t complain about how far it is, making excuses not to go).


2. Personal trainers: Since you’re a beginner, you need to find a gym that offers the help of a personal trainer to guide you along your first visits.


3. Price isn’t everything, but it’s a sign: Too expensive and it becomes a waste of money; too cheap and it will only have marginal options. Middle priced gyms are usually best since they generally have everything that a beginner would need.


4. Hygiene is a must: Gyms usually promote a healthier lifestyle, but can you imagine health without hygiene? Certainly not. Nasty germs lurk around unclean gyms so be careful to choose a gym with a good cleaning staff.


5. Crowdedness is a no-no: What if you had a perfect gym with all the equipment you need, but it was crowded and you couldn’t have your workout? Either pick a time when there aren’t a lot of people attending, or pick a relatively lesser known gym so you can fully benefit from your time there.


6. Extra options: Check what extra options the gym has - from aerobic sessions to martial arts, these can be helpful to enlist in, and will promote your journey to a fitter you.


7. Music: See what kind of music they play – if the music is right for you, it will improve the quality of your workout. And most importantly, check at what volume the music is at. You don’t want to be fit and deaf, do you?


8. Sex disparity: A gym with no women in it is a dead gym. If you’re a woman who wants to work out, you may find yourself uncomfortable among too many men. If you’re a man who wants to work out, you may be intimidated by all the other men.  Decide what kind of atmosphere suits your personal needs.


9. Machine variety: The more machines a gym has, the better your training session will be. Some gyms – if they can call themselves that – have a couple of treadmills, some dumbbells, and a couple of machines here and there. If that’s the case, then immediately disregard that place.


10. Hospitability: A good gym knows how to treat its customers. If you get a nice “welcome” and a friendly “good bye,” you’re certainly getting your money’s worth. Nothing says “bad gym” like an unfriendly welcome.

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