8 Ways to Get Over a Holiday Hangover

Monday, December 05, 2016
8 Ways to Get Over a Holiday Hangover

Holidays are the season for overindulgence! We’re not just talking about food here; the same statement applies to drinks! At night, you party and have a great time but you gulp your drinks so hard that the next morning you wake up with a dry tongue and a head pounding like your granddad’s alarm clock, not to mention the sick stomach resulting from yesterday’s vomiting episode. But let’s cut the chitchat and get to the point; a long ugly day with a hangover is ahead, and if you don’t want to hang on to it, simply read these points to help yourself get through it!


1. The water factor

Most hangover symptoms are the effects of dehydration caused by vomiting or simply by the alcohol’s diuretic effect. In case you’re wondering, diuretic means promoting water excretion from the body. On the day after too much alcohol intake, water is crucial to re-hydrate your body, quench your thirst, and ease your headache!


2. The fructose effect

Research shows that fructose helps the liver metabolize alcohol more quickly and decrease a hangover’s intensity. So take our word and eat foods high in fructose such as fruits and honey. Vitamin C found in fruits also gives you some vitality so you’ll stop looking and acting like a zombie!


3. The toasted bite

Alcohol irritates the stomach lining and increases the production of gastric acid, which results in nausea and heartburn. When there’s vomiting involved, the sickness is even worse. To reduce nausea, consume complex carbohydrates such as toasted bread or crackers. This also helps in controlling blood sugar levels.


4. The sodium shot

The diuretic effect of alcohol causes, along with water loss, the loss of sodium from the body. Have soups, pickles, or any other salty food to replace your sodium. Sodium also helps against dehydration by retaining the fluid in your body.


5. The athletes’ sip

Alcohol causes an electrolyte imbalance in the body; it’s important to replenish the lost nutrients and return balance to the body. These flashy colored bottles known as sports drinks do the job because they contain water loaded with essential minerals.


6. The banana kick

Dehydration depletes the body from potassium and since bananas are very rich in potassium and gentle on the stomach, go ahead and have a banana to regain the lost potassium and soothe your tummy!


7. The dim/mute mode button

People with a hangover are extremely sensitive to light and noise. Ease your headache by sitting in a dark, silent room, and close your eyes to stop the vertigo. Never mind if you’re doing nothing; press that button and your head will thank you for it!


8. The snooze relief

Even though alcohol has a sedative effect, the sleep experienced after its consumption is of a shorter duration and poorer quality. Rest your sleep-deprived, worn-out body by staying in bed and sleeping. The hangover symptoms just need time to abate!



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