8 Ways to Deal With Anger Effectively

Wednesday, December 07, 2016
8 Ways to Deal With Anger Effectively

Your eyes are turning red, you have a rush of adrenaline in your muscles, your stomach tightens, and your breaths become rapid… you’re totally angry! Now before you go yell at your boss, your spouse, your kids, your employee, or the person who cuts in front of you in traffic, you better have these solutions in mind. They will help you to calm you back to your senses, and avoid the aftermath of an uncontrolled reaction.


1. Count: Psychologists agree that taking the time to count to 10 (or 500 if necessary) before reacting in a stressful situation will greatly reduce the severity of an uncontrolled anger episode. A study conducted in the U.S. showed that counting to 10 will improve a person’s chances of taking the right decision by approximately 69%.


2. Breath: When you’re angry, your breaths are short, fast, and strong. In such situations, just take in a deep, slow breath, and hold the air in for a couple of seconds, exhaling slowly to get all the air out of your lungs. Repeat this for about 5 seconds and you will notice that your anger has dissipated, leaving you focused and relaxed.


3. Keep a journal: Whether hand-written or computerized, writing when angry will help a person to calm down, realize why he’s angry, clarify his thoughts, and finally give him time to properly choose a solution or a counter-action.


4. Be calm and stabilized: When your emotions start to rise up, you need to bring them down immediately; being calm and stabilizing your emotions can help clear your head. You can do that by listening to some soft music such as jazz, or you can find something to do that doesn’t involve a lot of noise, such as reading a book or magazine. Meditation and yoga can also help.


5. Be active: Incorporating some type of physical activity, whether it’s exercise or just moving around, can help relieve the steam that is built up inside of you. Getting worked up does nothing but initiate health problems such as high blood pressure. Getting involved in swimming, running, or walking can set you back on the path to good health.


6. Step away: If you are involved in a confrontation with someone, it is easy to get agitated and stirred up.  In such situations, learning how to deal with anger means to step away from the situation.  Staying in it, or around it, does nothing but make matters worse, inflaming your rage.


7. Laugh: This is definitely a good way to release your fury.  Think of something that had you laughing so hard that you had tears running down your face.  Watch a comedy program or funny movie to keep your spirits up.    


8. Scream: Just get on the highway, roll down your window, and scream your lungs out! All of the negative angry energy will go out with every cry. This is definitely a more radical approach to calm your anger, and it may even give you a sore throat… but it sure feels good!

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