8 Weight Loss Traps To Avoid

Friday, December 23, 2016
8 Weight Loss Traps To Avoid

Trying to keep your weight in check? Then be sure to avoid these 8 common weight loss traps!


  • You assume that “healthy” means low calorie. Low fat, low carbs, and zero trans fats…such labels do not tell you the calorie content of an item, which is what you need to also pay attention to, if you want to lose weight. Pay attention to serving size on boxes and think about how much you actually eat.


  • You think that little things don’t count! On the contrary they do!! Take the stairs instead of the elevator, and park at the end of the parking lot and walk. Just six 5 minute walks per day, adds up to about 100 calories, which will help you to shed about 4-5kgs in a year!


  • You drink too many calories. Sugar sweetened drinks such as soda will just help you to add on the kilos. Read labels!


  • You do not sleep enough. Skimping on sleep increases appetite, compromises insulin sensitivity, and affects other hormones that control hunger.


  • You give in to your sweet tooth. Ohhh, those afternoons studying with the kids… just makes you want to get out the chocolate, chips, and maybe even ice cream. Cravings are normal. Sometimes it’s ok to give in to them, and sometimes you just need to go and brush your teeth and wait for your craving to pass.


  • You have taken a vacation from your exercise routine. It’s hard to get back into a good routine once you stop. Not only that, you usually need to work even harder to burn the extra weight you have put on.


  • You eat in front of the TV. This is considered mindless eating, and is not a good idea. You not only miss out on enjoying and appreciating the food you are chewing, you end up eating more!