10 Signs You Are Addicted to Your Phone

Monday, January 02, 2017
10 Signs You Are Addicted to Your Phone

It’s called nomophobia… and most of us are probably dealing with it. Read the following points to confirm your potential diagnosis:4


  • You are uncomfortable without constant access to info on your smartphone
  • You are irritated when you cannot access Wi-Fi
  • Nervousness takes over when you cannot get into your newsfeed
  • A low battery makes your uptight
  • You panic when you get close to finishing up your data
  • You cannot leave home without your phone
  • You cannot sleep without your phone next to you
  • You interrupt sex to look at notifications
  • You wake up with every beep and ring
  • You dream about losing your phone

And these points are only the tip of the iceberg. What did we ever do before these prized possessions? Why not try a smartphone detox? And if you cannot give up your cell phone cold turkey, try to at least control its usage. Here are a few helpful steps:


  • Be aware of the moments and feelings you experience that push you to want to check your phone. Are you bored? Nervous? Lonely? Try to find the underlying issue and deal with it.
  • Stay strong when your phone beeps or rings.  Just learn to leave it ALONE, which takes practice. .
  • Use self-control and attempt to not use your phone in certain situations… especially when driving or in an important meeting or conference. Learn to take control of your valuable attention by setting hours that you can and can’t check or look at your phone.

Good luck!

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