6 Emojis You Have Been Using Incorrectly

Friday, January 06, 2017
6 Emojis You Have Been Using Incorrectly

Emojis have become a part of our daily form of communication. They are such an integral part of popular culture that we often use them without really thinking about it anymore. They help us to express what we are feeling in a flash, without having to text in detail. However, there are certain symbols that have been used completely incorrectly by the masses. Let’s check a few out!


1. The Guardsman


This emoji represents a British military man who has been tasked with protecting the royal grounds. The Queen's Guards stand guard outside the royal residences in London, wearing tall black hats and red coats. Chances are you had no idea what this symbol represents.


2. Folded Hands


Frequently used to indicate a high-five between friends or to show someone praying, the real use for this emoji can be credited to Japanese culture. The grasping of hands implies please or thank you in Japanese culture, while Westerners may think the hands in the form of praying.


3. The Look of Triumph


Often used to reflect frustration or irritation, this emoji has actually been branded a face with the look of triumph. Hmmm… not sure if we agree with that one.


4. Person Bowing Deeply


Often seen as a person thinking deeply, this emoji is meant to signify a person “bowing” deeply. In Japanese culture, a person bowing deeply can be used to ask for a favor or to communicate an apology.  


5. Sleepy Face Emoji


Fans of Japanese cartoons and comics will immediately recognize the snot bubble coming out of this emoji’s nose. It is used to imply a sleeping character, even though the emoji is often used as a sad face.


6. Face with OK Gesture


This emoji is often thought to be a ballerina performing a dance move. Sorry to report, it is meant to signify an "OK" gesture…  again, a Japanese gesture.


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