A Kiddie Treadmill With Tablet Holder?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
A Kiddie Treadmill With Tablet Holder?

You can just feel the controversy stirring among parents and critics all around. Yes, times have surely changed, and often we all have to roll with the punches to keep up with the masses. However, many are cringing at the latest toy created by Fisher-Price and we would love to know what you all think!


The company has designed a mini spin bike… plastic and all… that is equipped with a stand for kids who are really into their tablets. The Think & Learn Smart Cycle is basically a stationary exercise bike for toddlers… but with some extra pizazz.


The tablet connects to the stationary bike via Bluetooth (of course) and this enables the child to control one of four IOS or Android games through the speed of their pedaling… OMG! It can also be connected to the TV.


According to surveys conducted, preschoolers nowadays spend approximately 21% of their playtime during waking hours on electronic devices. So I guess they are basically trying to get the kiddies moving while glued to their devices…  The toy will go for $150 and kids can choose from different subjects while riding such as reading, math, science, etc. It will be available later this year in the fall.


So what do you think? Is this a suitable toy for little ones in this day and age? Leave us your comments and let’s get talking!