Science Reveals THIS is the Most Important Facial Feature

Thursday, January 19, 2017
Science Reveals THIS is the Most Important Facial Feature
Science Reveals THIS is the Most Important Facial Feature

Just when you thought your beautiful brown eyes were taking you places… and your full pout was to die for… science takes you by surprise.


Nope, we aren’t talking about your nose, your eyes, or even your sexy mouth; we are talking about those eyebrows of yours! Yep, they can make or break your good looks actually.


So while you have been busy strobing and highlighting away (yes… that has been the latest beauty rage), you may have been neglecting this feature that is ‘oh so’ relevant.


According to the latest research, your eyebrows play a huge role in how others perceive you. And they are SO important in terms of how you groom them, tint them, pluck them etc. that is it is worth your while to spend some good quality time on them.


A study out of the University of Lethbridge in Canada revealed that more people recognized celebrities that were shown without their eyes compared to celebrities shown without their eyebrows.


It was concluded that the brow shape, color, and size was the most significant identifying feature a person can possess. They help to express a person’s sense of style and help to form one’s facial expressions and emotions.


So if you are tedious in your brow routine, good for you! All those gels, tints, and serums can only lead you to eyebrow success in the end. Just don’t over-tweeze please! Then we will all have to guess how you are truly feeling.


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