Yep, Naked Exercise Classes Are Now a Thing!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Yep, Naked Exercise Classes Are Now a Thing!

35 year old Helen Smith, an innovative personal trainer, has launched the first ever naked workout class in the UK. Just last week, 10 participants signed up to bare it all in the first nude exercise class that has people whispering with curiosity.


Helen, a former recruitment consultant, held the circuit-style workout that involved sit-ups (imagine the view), jumping jacks (oh all that bouncing), and push-ups (we will leave it up to your imagination). Oh yeah, there was partnering up for certain moves as well during the hour.


It was described as “a gentle boot-camp style exercise with partner games and teamwork" suitable for all levels of fitness. All ages are welcome to the class; so far individuals between the ages of 33 and 70 years of age took part.


Yes, Helen is a member of British Naturism, a naturist organization; so that explains her enthusiasm for naked exercise. What are the benefits? She said: “The main benefit of exercising naked is that you can really see what the instructor is doing in the exercises.” For example, if you are doing a plank but wearing baggy exercise clothes, it is hard to tell if you have the correct form or not.”


What do you think about working out naked? Would you be willing to bare it all?