The Choose Wellness, Choose Nestlé Movement

Tuesday, January 24, 2017
The Choose Wellness, Choose Nestlé Movement

Nestlé Middle East, the world’s leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company, invites people once again to join the ‘Choose Wellness, Choose Nestlé, movement by pledging to eat healthier, move more and live better. The movement, which aims to help promote healthy lifestyle and eating habits, returns in its fourth year and is open to the general public at various locations across the Gulf, Jordan, and Lebanon from January 15th to January 31st.


“We at Nestlé believe Wellness is about enjoying a better lifestyle by choosing a balanced diet, regular physical activity and a positive attitude,” said Sarah Kanaan, Nutrition, Health & Wellness Manager at Nestlé Middle East. “And what better way to kick start the new year than adopting a healthier lifestyle for a better tomorrow.”


Residents who visit the Choose Wellness in-store stands across Lebanon, have a chance to meet a professional nutritionist who will provide them with a nutritional assessment and engage with them to provide general nutrition tips to lead a healthy lifestyle tapping on the three key messages of the campaign: Move more, Eat Healthier, and Live better.


People can join the movement and visit a store near them to get a free nutritional assessment done by nutritionists and benefit from tips that can help make a real difference in their life.


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