Huawei Shines Light on Local Designers

Thursday, January 26, 2017
With the #SnappedWITHHuaweiP9
Huawei Shines Light on Local Designers
Huawei Shines Light on Local Designers
Huawei Shines Light on Local Designers
Huawei Shines Light on Local Designers

Huawei Consumer Business Group has teamed up with prominent Lebanese designers to take us behind the scenes and showcase their work and creations through the P9 device and its dual-lens co-engineered with Leica. Four designers from different fields were chosen, each matching Huawei’s brand spirit, characteristics and social influence.


For the first time in Lebanon, Huawei proactively elevated the brand image by positioning the P9 as a luxurious accessory associated with the world of fashion. The campaign also helped reach a wider target audience putting the device on the map next to already established smartphones.


The designers, including renowned tattoo artist Hady Beydoun, jewelry designers Mukhi Sisters, shoe designer Emma Boutros from Poise Design, and make-up artist Christian Abou Haidar, all  experienced the device by sharing their work through the groundbreaking camera on their social media platforms all while focusing on details, imagery, colors, sharpness and beauty.


“Today we rely a lot on social media to promote our brand and promote our style as well, and what’s good is that we discovered Huawei P9. Thanks to this phone we are able to take amazing pictures and beautiful videos,” stated Maya Mukhi.


Emma Boutros, Creative Director at Poise Design said, “My designs are distinguished with patterns, colors and embroideries. I use the Huawei P9 to take pictures of the products as it portrays closely to real life.” Likewise, Hady Beydoun pointed out that his “work involves a lot of precision and using the new Huawei P9 phone with the Leica dual-lens camera allows him to catch all the little details, sharpness and the vibrancy of the art work.”


More than 80 posts were published with #SnappedWITHHuaweiP9 from the designers themselves and other influencers tapping into the conversation and taking part of the campaign, bringing a 40% increase in engagement and reach on Huawei social platforms. Initially a collaboration to support local designers, the campaign increased the P9 market share, turning the whole operation into an undeniable success story.


This campaign helped fans and followers peek behind the scenes inside each of the designers’ studios and ateliers and see their projects in a different light. In parallel and to take this further, Patrick Sawaya, renowned professional photographer, with a multinational and art directed background was handpicked to shoot the whole process and keep us updated from a different angle. The campaign conveyed high social media engagement and video shares reaching almost 2 million unique fans, increasing awareness on this local initiative, broadening Huawei’s horizon to the luxurious fashion industry and tie its name to the high end sector.


Believing in the synergy between fashion, design and technology, through this campaign and eight months since its release, the Huawei P9 has sustained its popularity, winning recognition from both industry experts and consumers for its camera experience, industrial design and overall performance.


Destined to reinvent smartphone photography, The P9 was the first smartphone from the collaboration between Huawei and the global iconic camera brand Leica. Resulting in a stunning dual-lens camera in a smartphone, the P9 sets a new benchmark in smartphone camera technology, with more light and better clarity, to capture brilliant color and striking black and white images in true Leica style.