Esoteric Sciences: A path to self realization

Saturday, June 01, 2013
Interview with Dr. Joseph B. Majdalani (JBM)
Esoteric Sciences: A path to self realization

A way of life - Modus Vivendi - leading the aspirant towards full awareness and development, towards higher intelligence and the discovery of the mental dimensions…in addition to the unlocking of inner powers - this is what Esoteric Science is all about. Are you looking to delve into your inner being? Are you searching for the road of inner peace? Discover the many benefits when you welcome the Esoteric Path.


Dr. Joseph B.Majdalani is the Founder and President of the Society of Friends of the White Knowledge which established the First Esoteric Center in Lebanon and the Arab World ( It teaches the principles of self-knowledge, explaining the hidden mysteries of nature and of life and their relation with the human being– leading eventually to self-realization. To date, he has written 70 books - 48 published in Arabic, 6 books in English, and more than 10 have been translated from the Arabic into English, French, Spanish, Bulgarian, and Russian languages, and soon into Italian and German. In this interview, Dr. Majdalani helps us to understand the elements and concepts of Esoteric Science.


First of all, what does the word "Esoteric" mean?

The origin of the word "Esoteric" is Greek;  it means the hidden and private: "the teachings that are hard to grasp by those who are not intellectually illuminated" as mentioned in the Larousse dictionary... and "the science of the elite" as mentioned in Britannica. As to the Arabs, they described it as "the science restricted to those who can understand it." Simply, "Esoteric" unfolds the hidden secrets and presents them in a simplified manner which is within the reach of understanding by everyone.



How can we define Esoteric Science and its aim?

Esoteric Science is derived from ancient knowledge (arcana), and goes back in its origin to the very beginning of human existence. Its main concern is man as a whole… and its more specific field is the hidden and invisible constituents of the human being — not to shed light on them, but to put them into practice so that man realizes his existence. Man is regarded as the starting point, the axis and of access to all. It is therefore imperative that he acquires self-knowledge. Thus, Esoteric Science proceeds from the knowledge of the self (which is attained through a practical and systematic application of an inward process) and expands to include all knowledge. This means that each of the human sciences - be it physical or mental, psychological or spiritual - is in fact an integral part of Esoteric Science in their invisible aspect.

Therefore, Esoteric Science represents an inner path that goes through the objective consciousness; it penetrates the innermost recesses of the self (the subconscious and the unconscious) to reach the true self and discover the latent truth which is the source of everything - noting that Esoteric is not theory, or after theoretical knowledge, but an inward process which leads to knowledge through practical and personal experience. This cannot be stressed enough, as it is one of the most basic principles of this distinctive applicable science.

Self-knowledge will lead man to self-realization and will gradually teach him how to gain a deeper and more extensive comprehension of all the mundane sciences  - in as much as he expands and deepens the knowledge of himself. The aim is to conduct every human being to the consciousness of the true self within, and to the discovery of his reality. The process makes him aware of his dormant potentials gradually. When this is achieved, Esoteric Science will have fulfilled its mission, which is consciousness in evolution and evolution in consciousness. Thus, man achieves mastery over his being - a super human being he becomes.


How is Esoteric Science applicable?

Esoteric Science's supreme aim is conducting man to self-consciousness, which is the real knowledge of the truth of everything. It is the "Know Yourself" technique through a scientific and practical way of life, whereby the person is both the experimenter and the ground of the experiment at the same time. It is the technique of transforming information from theoretical to practical through experience. This process transforms information to knowledge and knowledge to consciousness.


In all of your books, you talk about "Esoteric Bodies." What can you tell us about them?

Man is deeper and broader than a physical body stimulated by mere chemical and biological reactions. Man is not only body and soul; in between lie many components or invisible vehicles of consciousness that form the lower self and the higher self. All are vibratory in nature and in perpetual movement like the Etheric field around the body (Aura or Bioplasma in the language of science). These Esoteric Bodies constitute, with the physical one, the seven dimensions of consciousness in one's being: The Physical body (the practical application-sensation); the Etheric body (aura- the nature of the physical presence); the Astral body (emotions); the Thought and Intelligence body (mind); the body of Love (knowledge); the Will body (the will); and finally the Wisdom body (the Soul).

 Whereas the physical body is made of visible atoms, Esoteric bodies remain unseen for they are sheaths of consciousness composed of vibrations - precisely of vibratory undulations which can only be seen when the person unfolds his innermost dimensions - so he sees them through insight (clairvoyance). Simply, Esoteric bodies are the vehicles of consciousness or its dimensions, through which the person realizes the outer world by means of the inner one… by dint of their reaction and interaction in the physical body through the brain; hence the person can sense the facts, feel and think, and become aware… thus the physical senses are sharpened. For more details, "The Science of Colours- Cosmic and Human Colour Rays" book explains in depth about these bodies.


Is it within the domain of the Esoteric to answer the causes of inconveniences and obstacles in man’s life?

The order of life is fair and just; it is based on recompensation, the law of cause and effect, law of action and reaction, law of karma. The inconveniences in a man’s life may originate from causes that are usually hidden within him, such as being far from understanding his aim in life, and his apathy towards working on improving his standing in life exoterically and esoterically, as well as his denial of the existence of rooted negativities within his self, etc… For instance, all kinds of fanaticism, nervousness, close-mindedness, obstinacy, and stubbornness are negative qualities that are important to acknowledge when they exist and work to eliminate them. And failing to do so, many obstacles might emerge in one’s way to make him aware of these negativities to work on replacing them with positive qualities.


In all your books, lectures, and teachings, you stress on the relation of love and giving. How can we understand the importance of love from the Esoteric perspective?

Giving is the embodiment of love, so if love is the secret to the development of consciousness and the basis of awakening the wisdom in the self, giving is the secret of nourishing that wisdom. That is not by giving money, for it is the cheapest kind of giving. True giving is man giving out of himself, of his compassion, his joy, his knowledge,  his consciousness... For true giving is in applying practical love as open-mindedness on others (i.e. the unfolding of all that we don’t like about others and about life in general).


Esoteric Science says that individual freedom is a sacred right which must not be violated, but is each individual who enjoys this freedom a conscious man?

Esoteric Science thoroughly explains the concept of freedom in its book entitled "Lectures on the Esoterique - Part III." Freedom is a sacred right for every human being, however the extent of that freedom depends on his level of consciousness. Because freedom and consciousness are joined inseparably and both unachievable without responsibility. As much as the consciousness expands, the circle of freedom follows. Thus, we can freely say that freedom is the ideology of consciousness.


What is the Esoteric Science's opinion about interpreting dreams?

The Esoteric tells us that the dream is a private message intended to the person who had it (i.e. interpreting a dream is only possible and relevant to the dreamer). A dream can also be more important than a personal message to the dreamer, when it is a revelation of the unknown… Details about the truth of dreams, their types, their symbols, how they affect man’s life, what nightmares are and their causes, and other subjects related to the world of dreams, can be found in our book entitled "Dreams and Visions…."


How do you define "inner peace" and how can it be acquired?

Inner peace is the satisfaction, rather the bliss of the human self on the mundane self. It can be acquired by a retreat or in silence, away from noise and blare, usually before going to bed, or in being in the open space of nature… until man gradually learns how to acquire it while among the hustle and bustle of people.


Is it possible to achieve everlasting happiness through applying Esoteric Knowledge and teachings?

Esoteric Science confirms that happiness is not a physical aim sought by man - because happiness is the feeling one gets through every step made towards a target that he had set for himself and laid a practical plan to achieve it. This is emphasized in the Esoteric book "A Man’s return to Earth to Convey a Message." What distinguishes Esoteric science is by being practical sciences that help the individual set successive goals during his progress on the path of consciousness, hence the aspirant lives in incomparable happiness while heading towards his goals.


Can you briefly tell us about your latest release: The Initiate of the Aquarian Age?

It explains that the Aquarian Age is the forthcoming epoch of human future along the evolutionary thoroughfare to perfection. The Aquarian age will last about 2000 years in line with a cosmic cycle, during which time the spiritual intelligence of the aspirants will be awakened, their psychic powers unfolded, and their mental horizon widened…This book unfolds the traits, role, and mission of the Initiate of the Aquarian Age, and reveals Esoteric Truths which would shock the fanatics and traditionalists such as the Holy Law of Karma, to which every being on earth submits.

Last but not least, “The Initiate of the Aquarian Age” is a man of action, not of reaction.


Dr. Majdalani regularly submits general lectures on weekly and monthly basis in Lebanon, the Arab World, and also in some European countries. Lectures and conferences are Free of Charge and open to all seekers and aspirants for this great knowledge.