Can Sex Count as a Workout?

Thursday, February 02, 2017
Can Sex Count as a Workout?

You keep asking yourself, “Does sex qualify as a physical workout or is it just another activity that has nothing to do with fitness? Is sex a great way to shed some extra kilos or is it just another urban legend?”


Nothing compares to having sex with your partner, sharing intimate emotions and exhilarating pleasure both psychological and physical. However, it may leave both of you exhausted and gasping for air like you’ve just run a 100K. But, there must be something beneficial behind sex, right? Absolutely! It’s time to leave all your speculations aside and learn how sex can substitute your next visit to the gym…


Hormones: On a hormonal level, the main hormones that are secreted in the body during sex are endorphins. These hormones work as anti-depressants and physical motivators. In turn, our body demands an extra blood supply to our muscles to function better, thus adrenaline is released. Adrenaline is generally a “fight or flight” hormone, which increases stress most of the time, except during sex. The endorphins secreted at the same time inhibit the release of cortisol (the sister-hormone of adrenaline) so that the muscles can function at a higher capacity but without stress or anxiety.


Muscles: It’s a fact that men are generally more active in bed than women. Nevertheless, both sexes can benefit from the physical activity during sex. When the man is in motion, he’s moving most of his leg muscles, his stomach muscles, his arm muscles, his back muscles, and his chest muscles. The more passionate and vigorous sex is, the more your muscles will burn calories. When the woman is on top, she does approximately the same amount of work a man does and burns roughly the same amount of calories. Studies reveal that one hour of sex can burn anywhere from 180 Kcal to 450 Kcal.


Orgasm: The orgasm of a male signals the adrenaline glands to stop secretion and endorphins glands to increase secretion into the bloodstream. That’s why men feel weak and physically exhausted after an orgasm and can’t have another one until having at least 10 minutes of rest. On the other hand, women’s orgasms can be multiple and continuous and require relatively no rest in between; if anything, they increase a woman’s arousal level.


Regularity: Consistency is key here. For serious lovers and married couples, sexual regularity is much more accessible. So, in order to chop some fatty kilos, you have to ‘do it’ more often. If possible, go for 3 to 4 times a week, just like gym class. However, instead of skipping through foreplay and humping like bunnies for 10 minutes, try to take your time and prolong the ritual. The more you take your time, the more calories you’ll burn.


Positions: Different positions use different muscles. You should try out various positions and see which ones require more strength and physical fitness to perform. For instance, keeping up a “doggy” for more than 30 seconds takes a lot more leg strength and energy from a man than does the traditional missionary position. And that goes for women too! So, don’t “just lie there” and expect to lose 5 kilos a month! Surf the net to discover new and different positions you can try!






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